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reinaberg's TTT | Fast Downloads! | Staff Needed
What name do you usually go by on the server?: GragIRL

What is your Discord account username?: Damien1579

What is your Discord ID?: 319526440020213760 

When did you join the discord? (found under "member since" on your server profile): July 30, 2021

Are you 18 years of age or older?: Yes.

What staff position are you applying for?: Helper

Do you have any unexpired discord infractions? If so, please explain why: 3pts - Toxicity. on the "add the skeld" thread in ttt suggestions I typed: keep yourself safe (kill yourself). It was very stupid and was done in harmless no-filter fun to me, and I understand why I was warned and the repercussions of stuff like that

Have you received any punishments in any of the GMod servers or forums within the past 12 months? If so, please explain why: I think I got warned on the forums for shitposting, don't remember why. If there's anything else that I am not saying I just don't remember because I'm dumb.

What made you decide to apply?: Discord is another place where I can help out since I have a lot of free time on my hands. I want to continue trying to make the community a better place so this seems like a logical step in helping me achieve that.

What do you plan to do to help the Discord community?: I can help dole out punishments when needed and tell people to chill during certain discord interactions before they go too far (Whether it be in vc or in one of the many text chats). I also want to be another person that people can feel safe/more comfortable messaging if they have a complaint or a report if they don't want to do a formal ticket. (You can also just message me now if you feel safer/more comfortable messaging me than making tickets, even though I'm not discord staff all of the servers work together to make the community whole so I can message a discord admin/staff member if you have any of these complaints or reports <3).

Anything else to add?: I am kind of a noob in terms of discord bot usage so I would need a fair bit of training with the bots if I am accepted. As it goes with all of my other apps, any criticism shared is valid and if you don't want to post it on the thread, message a staff member you feel comfortable sharing with or direct message me if you want to <3

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Damien lives and breathes Dinkleberg, he has Dinkleberg running thru his veins, at night he dreams about Dinkleberg. he is obviously very committed to the community and wants the best for it. I've never seen him misbehave in the discord and the whole keep yourself safe thing is a nonissue to me, so +1
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damiens on his gmod arc again

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I can't take an L, they just don't exist.
queue more yeat
-1 for the title

+2 for his credentials
I hope you're having a good day Biggrin
after thinking about it again -1 still because I said so
Can you guys please include some actual reasoning behind your votes?
(03-29-2024, 02:04 PM)Icey Wrote: Can you guys please include some actual reasoning behind your votes?


Damien is someone who I consider to be a very active member of the community not only on TTT but is also engaged on activities that go on in the discord. Naturally, I believe that he would be a good fit for the current team, as he has demonstrated his ability to understand when it's okay to let things slide and when it's time to stop a joke.

I hope this helps!
I hope you're having a good day Biggrin
+1 gorblox crew 4 life

Super active and engages the community, if he wants to take on management of the discord rascals then he’s ready
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yeah fuck this guy +1
To be fair, if he's able to obtain Moderator on TTT then Helper shouldn't be that much of a stretch. He's more than active enough in the Discord and I believe he can be helpful and have seen him helping out. I'm honestly more shocked that he's old enough rather than him being able to do it. There were issues in the past but I imagine it's been some time and he's had plenty of improvement.

I'd support dis.
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