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(03-31-2024, 04:45 PM)caribou Wrote: I've been tired of the misogyny and gross players constantly saying weird things about women, I'm uncomfortable with it, and the players who take part in it. I do not want to interact with any of the weird players and fat misogynists on the server.

(DEMON)Skullfire, you never had and never will have a chance at admin, you bought your staff powers back when you could. Tiefling got it because she's a better staff member and probably person than you can ever hope to be, not because she's a woman.

Just want to point this last thing out then I am done responding. Someone makes a ban appeal trying to make me look like the bad guy for issuing a harassment warn and then banning for threshold ban but then proceeds to harass me in the unban post and NOBODY has said a word about it and he is getting +1s for unban as "there isn't enough evidence". The evidence is right in this post if you just would read instead of making this thread about me.
[Image: baby-yoda-star-wars.gif]

If anyone has a issue with Skullfire that can be considered abuse then make a Staff Abuse thread with evidence

As for this, since to put it kindly, its turning into a f'in shit show. I am locking this thread until the TTT admin team can decide what to do with it. I am highly disappointed in the actions of multiple people on this thread.

As a reminder, ban appeals are to APPEAL A BAN, NOT to go after the banning staff and NOT for the banning staff to go after people that support the unban or the person making the appeal. 

Your appeal has been denied and the warning will be kept. Please refrain from harassing other players that you don't like, directly or indirectly.

As for Skullfire, the admin team will discuss and administer a punishment fitting for his behavior.

both of you go ahead and write "i will be nice to other people" 100 times for me.

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