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(serious)Mental Health awareness PSA
Hi everyone.

I know today is April fools day, but the present is always a better time to do the things we ought to do than "later".

that being said, some tragic events happened at my university and in my personal life, and it reminded me that mental health is a real thing that people have to be cognizant of, as well as to recognize that life can at times feel insurmountable, and that sometimes, it can seem hopeless.

This time of year can be particularly hard for people in schools, as this is midterms season. Also, its hard because seasons are changing.

Time moves on and waits for nobody. Make sure you talk to your loved ones. Sometimes, this advice is ignored and leads to tragic results. 

Most importantly, if you feel like there is no hope, that there is no end to your suffering, you don't have to go at it alone. talk to someone. Tell someone. 

People around you care about you, often times more than you realize.

please, if you need help this season, please say something to someone.

thank you.
Got told over the weekend my cousin tried to od on meds.....shes a freshman in high school....and it was devastating to find that out. This stuff isnt a joke like proper said a permanent solution to a temp problem. Keeping your loved ones close is so important and im grateful for the family I have because I struggle at keeping and making friendships. I dont share this for pity or anything but Ive had those thoughts too. People will know if your gone. Your life does matter even if you as a person might not think that I am telling whoever reads this that it does <3
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Had a friend/coworker pass last September. Things make it harder for the people around you.
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this is probably one of the most important posts i've seen on here. sometimes, I do wish it was easier to just talk to someone about your problems. I have nothing but sympathy for the people and families who have had to deal with something as awful as suicide. But all it does is just pass down the pain to the ones that love you. i lost one of my best friends last year to suicide, sometimes i feel like i should have done more to help. its something i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, that feeling of losing someone you love and thinking its your fault. I dont expect pity or something like that, and I do apologize if something like this triggers someone. But i've never really been able to find a place or time to even mention something like this until now.
perfect post. having gone through experiences myself as a depressed individual and trying to commit a few times in my life since a very young age, it's hard thing to have to deal with, but also have to go through with another person. it's a hard thing to be able to discuss with others, especially if you have a variety of reasons of why you don't want to talk about it or share. it's hard to reach out when you feel like you don't have a source to voice it. others have ease to do such things, while others are very recluse and closed off about it. i am one of those individuals. but it's always good to seek out a source to voice it, to anyone, anything. dont act before you think, because that first mistake will be your last. and unfortunately, people make that first and final mistake. if you're someone who is going through these things, please don't be afraid to reach out, it's not as simple saying this, but please do. you matter in this world, no matter how much you convince yourself you don't and the world would be better without a life like yours. you only get one shot at life, so make it count. everyone matters in this world. YOU matter in this world.
I loved reading and seeing how aware you are, and that's one of the best qualities we can have in this life. Many things happen fast in our lives and those of the people around us. Speaking from my experience of more than 4 years in college, I can tell you that I, at my age, am quite mature compared to others of the same age. My friends are usually older, and so is my boyfriend, I feel like they are more aware and take life in a softer and calmer way. It's about connecting with our inner selves and healing wounds that keep us from thriving and being happy! I am a very sensitive being with a lot of mediumship... I am 23 years old and spirituality has been helping me on my way. I think it's also important to have faith, especially since things are getting very difficult sometimes. Everyone has their own journey here on earth, and it's nice to connect with people who are similar to you and choose them as your friends. The struggle is daily, and every day is a new beginning. There is no stumbling when taking flight in life.

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