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Lets try.
have to second hong and reina on this one. although i don't know anything about what goes on in the ph community, you tend to spread towards a different part of the same community which there is nothing wrong with and i think many admins should have the ability to do that. the only issue is you don't really understand that part of the community that you're commenting on and seems like you're mainly basing it off of things you've seen in discord rather than actually playing with the people which leads to your comments to seem more absurd than beneficial.
hong and everyone else made solid points. i think to apply for admin just to fill the vacant spot doesn’t really justify becoming admin. hell, if it were that easy, i’m sure hella more people would be admins, both good and bad. there’s a lot more to admin than being there to fill a empty void, it’s about being a stand out member and can take more serious and tougher topics by giving an objective answer to a difficult problem by understanding both sides and coming to a conclusion that benefits the community, fixes the issue, or even just giving inputs on matters that are serious. from my experience of you both on the forums and discord, you give answers that seem to come off as not knowing the background of bans, applications, or even community issues sometimes and giving answers based off of last recent, previous interactions, or just a general overview of their character without seeing current things that are going on. i would like to see you improve on those, but as of now, i cannot support this. 
Not to sound shitty but Imma leave my unfiltered nonsense like normal fueled by 13 hour work call. 

I worried about you receiving the Moderator rank due to constant issues with properly handling situations. Admin is a vast step beyond that. You're playing a massive role in the community and dealing with issues behind the scenes that thankfully a lot of people never have to see because some of it is very fucked up. Maybe you've changed and gotten a lot better but if I had trouble supporting your Mod app, I certainly can't support this. You'd have to have a whimsical change to gain my vote. 

-1 as much as it doesn't mean much with my inactivity in PH. I hope you prove me wrong though.

Best of luck.
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I won't bury with further comments Big I think your willingness to serve in such a large manner is commendable, but I don't trust your judgement based on prior takes.
That, and an admin needs the support of their community, which I don't feel you have.
-1 but best of luck
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Good Afternoon Big Sad,

At this time, the Admin Team has decided to Deny your admin application. 

As it has been mentioned, an admin position should not just "be filled", especially with the large reach of an admin, you essentially have a say in every corner of the community and deal with the larger issues that the community has.

An admin app is harshly judged as people are deciding whether they want you representing them in the community, some things that may be fine or people don't have issues with for regular staff will impact an admin application.

Some advice for the future:

Write more in the application
It is an application for one of the larger positions in the community, we don't expect a jammin-level essay, but definitely need a fair bit more than what was posted. 

Learn to handle and word your opinions better
Let me be clear when I say this is not to "conform or follow what everyone else is doing". I am the biggest advocate for personal ethics and morals that being said, it is also important to be able to listen and understand, two of the biggest things I live by are "Here's My opinion, feel free to change my mind" and "We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions". 

This is more about how you construct your arguments and views. Tone, the language used etc, is important especially when speaking. Or if you are saying something (especially on the forums, that doesn't contribute or you aren't well informed about) maybe don't say anything.

Like Norm said " Effective communication skills are crucial for de-escalating situations, understanding different perspectives, and reaching resolutions that benefit the community as a whole"

Do stuff now
There is no better time to show that you deserve the position than stepping up now, work on some updates for PH, look into some of the issues. PH has no admin at this point, Show that you can do the stuff needed for the position. 

You may re-apply on the 7th of July 2024. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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