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Addressing Toxicity in the Community P4
Kidding, this is the sequel to my last resignation, "Addressing Toxicity in the Community P3" :). I believe the time has come (again) for me to resign from Admin. I feel like I have done all that I could for the Dinks community in this position from 2018 (with a small gap after 2020) until now while enjoying the position. I crunched the numbers and I was TTT Admin for 480 days and Web Admin for 499 days... for a total of 907 days as a Dinks Admin. Almost two and a half years, whew. Kind of funny they lasted roughly the same length too. The mental break is needed too, anyone who has been Admin here knows it isn't a stress-free wonder. Dinks is the only GMod community I ever fully joined, so it will always be special and I have made some great friends. Unfortunately, I don't have the will to stay any longer.

I have made forum posts recently on recent events and believe they are best left there, my resignation will not rehash these things because we all deserve a break from drama, toxicity, and constant back and forth. But I do think the community does not have a good long-term healthy outlook, in its current form. Looking backing on my first Admin resignation in 2020, the cringey 19 year old me said something that honestly (mostly, I think) still applies today. I'll put that here below and I will leave it at that. [Image: e605009ba7000b241b019a282a102ad0.png]   

Now to positives!!! I've had some fun memories in this community and think myself and the web staff team have made some good improvements to the forums over the past year or so (autosnipping quotes, the click to expand button, reputation disabled in "serious" areas, a new theme(Volare), shitposting box section (@bunniey good suggestion), pinned threads, lore box, Former Admin role icon, Dink helping us with backend infrastructure updates, etc). Special thanks to @Ryan722 and @reina specifically for helping with implementing various web updates, along with moderating.

Some people I will shout out for a multitude of reasons 

@reina You are an amazing person and an even better friend.
@Hani Hell of a ride we had together as TTT Admins and I'm glad we've kept in touch, especially recently. I won't go retardo or crazy, promise!  
@bab is here and is cool. 
@cow shots??? keep being Dink's unofficial shoutbox editor/hr director and a good person  
@moocow lethal ? I appreciate you a lot 
@Grump aughhhhhhhhhh, you are one of the funniest people I have met (also good luck as web mod, you deserve it)
@Slasheronic Nice to have meet you a bit too, I wish you the best and congrats on Web Mod again
@Adam you are really cool 
@Norm Minder this shoutout is incredible
@YourMateMurph I enjoy hanging out and talking with you 
@tiefling lesbian I know I said this on your TMod application, but I used to find you incredibly annoying
@proper hi
@Thaye you are nice, stay real
@milk (2) you were one of the first people I met here
@GCubed has anyone seen him ?
@murl you are one of the coolest people I have met and it is fun to talk and play games with you, always a blast
@dero you are the one who showed me what TTT staff/staffing was like on Dinks all those years ago (you were the first Mod to sponsor my Trusted app with Soup, anyone remember sponsorships?), so I have you to blame for enjoying it! Jk, you are also super chill and I appreciate you a lot
@EpicGuy you are the one who really prepared me to step into an Admin role for the first time (I think I took your place back when we had 5 TTT Admins consistently, I don't remember), so I do appreciate that and the advice you gave me 
@Ryan722 You were one of the people who knew this was coming, I hope you take my spot as Web Admin. You have contributed so much to the back-end and have really been a huge help. I think you'd make a good addition. 
@Nicol Bolas I do not regret picking you to succeed me as TTT Admin and part of my reason for coming back as Admin was to re-surpass you in how long I was Admin for :). 
@dong and @Summer I know we don't talk too much anymore, but it is still crazy to think we joined this community together many years ago from our prior Minecraft community. I do wonder sometimes what it would've been like if we wounded up in a different community, just an interesting thought. 

and with that, I take my leave. Bounce bounce

vro what are those rank colors
Not my fault you don't talk to me anymore :(

I'm free to reconnect with everyone who wants to, but remember. Fuck you Perry
[Image: b_560x95.png]
bye bye gabe :( thank you for all you’ve done my friend, your next ventures will be fruitful <3
[Image: giphy.gif]
BioCraft forever <3

Thanks for handling my many bug reports
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]

Discord Admin - April 2021 - March 2023
TTT Moderator - February 2021 - March 2023
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Thank you for your service Gabe o7
[Image: frieren-fall-winter.jpeg]
He was not kidding when he said I'd have nothing to come back to.

I first met you when you were a ttt admin but now I'll know you as THE web admin.
Thank you gabe

[Image: e13aa32e25ec1f71044728f64da159a1.png]
[Image: dVe5C4F.gif]
find more through my linktree | Never Forget | My emotinal support cat Green Bean 
Farewell Gabe, I wish nothing but good vibes for you going forward. I know you did a whole lot for us and hope you enjoy your well earned retirement!
dang,, who will i control now !!!!

gj gabeman

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