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Tell donors to stop kicking me in ttt
+1 obviously it's abuse
PSA to Donors...

Please stop kicking Deer-ly on TTT.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

oh +1
It is not okay to literally tell people their opinions are wrong because they disagree.
(04-29-2024, 06:03 PM)Dinomoto Wrote:
(04-29-2024, 05:10 PM)The Milk Man Wrote: dang. i only did it once. the person who he rdmed asked me to. Now i am aware to only kick for mass rdm. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I mean there is a donor guideline for TTT. You should of known this beforehand.
that and i told him in the same game
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+1 to donor strike, name looks familiar and they should know better
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+1 for this
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Player will be given a donor strike
All donors are reminded to please read the donor guidelines here and attempt to contact staff before taking matters into your own hands
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