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Brahma Hate thread
(06-11-2024, 12:16 PM)Nate Wrote:
(06-11-2024, 10:28 AM)NECRO Wrote:
(06-08-2024, 08:50 AM)The Dutch Problem Wrote: -1 

(Context: During the whole Reina drama, something was allowed to happen I disagreed with, I pinged the relevant person asking "The fuck?!". During this time I had no interaction with Panda outside of getting this.)
First of all this is funny. Second of all if we're going to count this as something that would void you of any staff like position then there would be no staff at all. I can guarantee you if anybody does a small amount of digging plenty of staff have said very similar things, whether in a joking light or not this is absolutely not worth anyone's breath to argue over. This feels petty and childish to pull this out of nowhere when it really doesn't matter as much as people are making it seem. I know during that period there was a lot of misinformation and tension. I don't really blame a lot of people for their reactions, but I do think you should be a responsible individual and put things in the past behind you.

All in all I do not cast a vote, as I will leave that to the much more experienced and consistent staff.
Trying to stay neutral, most people’s issue isn’t the fact that he made that comment in the past, it’s the fact that Panda “doubled down” as they say. Yes, while Panda is more than welcome to respond to any feedback or criticism; people are also allowed to have their feelings on his response to said criticism. I agree that what he said in the past isn’t a HUGE deal, but I can understand most people’s critiques on the feedback that panda has given. 
I for sure am against you getting mod, so -1 on that, but I honestly don’t have enough of an opinion on you to give you a vote for trusted. Best of luck to you, and I hope I get to know you better one day
Thank you for the additional context.
just give him trusted lol
we know he can staff, and we have people lighting people they disagree with up all the time even as staff, even as admin, as any role, its really not insanely deep, no one has ever brought up how many people ive called braindead when ive made apps idk man

also even if he disagrees with how staffing is done in some ways, this just gives another perspective to the staff team which is always good (even if takes are bad) ((plus its just trusted))

but no mod/tmod imo okokok i go back 2 hibernate
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(06-11-2024, 08:38 AM)EpicGuy Wrote:
(06-10-2024, 12:50 PM)PandaInPants Wrote:  Just to remind people I am friends with brahma when i named this brahma hate thread. I make jokes and im sarcastic. I dont care if i get mod back or if im put down to trusted. I leave that to the admins. But im not demanding the role. Sorry for the confusion. I forget that a large amount of the forums is not part of the ttt community that I interact with and does not understand my jokes or attempts to be facetious.
This is a volunteer free labor position btw. Just to remind you. This is not me quitting a real job where I was paid a salary and then asking to come back because i miss the pay. This is i felt comfortable not volunteering for a while and now I want to volunteer again so I am not going to plead/beg/grovel for a role.
I have answered your 2nd paragraph multiple times idk how else you guys want me to respond? I didnt want to staff, i wanted a break, i dont like the culture, but i still play and deal with the shitty server culture anyway so I want to be able to help rather than just sit and take random abuse when no one can get on. I don't have a vendetta I just have played a lot recently with lots of annoying trolls on. Others in this situation are told "apply for staff" and thats what im doing.
  • snippington
very common epic dude W

+0 eh kinda agre with some of the responses on this one. no jump to mod fs and maybe pull back the slight hostility, i cant vote on your playing bc i havent played in a while but trusted is very basic staffington

also i do hate brahma too just had to put that out there
don't staff unless you plan to hate playing garry's mod 
also known previously as "yeat"
I can't take an L, they just don't exist.
queue more yeat
Tiefling indicated mod wasn't on the table for this application.
I feel starting at trusted is probably best given past issues and the gap from staffing.

+1 for trusted
-1 tmod+
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I like Pandas they are like badgers in bear form but I'm gonna have to -1 due to some of the points made in this thread by others, the server has been toxic/drama free for a while and I don't want to upset the balance within the force.
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While there are some concerns over certain responses, we do not feel they are major enough given an otherwise positive record to warrant denying a fresh start with a darker green.
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