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Brahma Hate thread
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:121022554
Discord Tag:  PandaInPants

Time Played: 550?

When First Joined: January 05, 23

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): late nights

Rank Desired: gimme mod back

Current Rank: donor

What can you do to help the community: I have a level head like 73% of the time and try to think things through before making decisions. I am usually at my computer when not busy and can easily do many things quickly if something needs to be done. I have a pretty decent understanding of the rules, guidelines, and how to use staff discretion. When I'm not so sure about something I usually try to talk to other staff and gather opinions on what the correct course of action is. 

Why you want to help the community: I know I resigned relatively recently. I still hold the reasons why I left, but I also still play enough to see a lot of the things that happen around here with less staff and the amount of not fun stuff that people on here deal with after the mass loss of staff recently.  I do like staffing when I get to be someone who looks out for others in the community and having to sit on the sidelines makes me feel like I am missing out on doing more. I genuinely just want to help again.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): nope

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts):

How did you find us?: gmod server browser

Did you fill out the required scenario questions for rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread): I would never

Other: I am mean on the forums sometimes when I'm a bit heated. If you have any other concerns you can leave it on the thread or dm me and i will answer as soon as I can.
+1 i hate brahma
[Image: image.png]
+1 i hate brahma
[Image: gBkzZod.png]
My only question is this:

If you know that you hold the same opinions as you did when you resigned, how will you handle those frustrations differently this time?

I don't really have any other concerns because from what I remember, your staffing on the server was adequate (I maybe played with you once).

I'll give a vote after I hear back from you.


(Context: During the whole Reina drama, something was allowed to happen I disagreed with, I pinged the relevant person asking "The fuck?!". During this time I had no interaction with Panda outside of getting this.)
Resigned Staff since 03-26-2018.
I am still firmly against people "unresigning" back to their original position. Start at trusted and show that you're coming back with good intentions to staff and to help the community before asking for tmod/moderator. I've seen enough people try that and have no true interest in coming back to help (typically going inactive or starting problems). Not saying you would do it, but I don't think it should be allowed in any circumstance.

That being said, -1 for moderator. I am neutral on trusted though until I see your responses for the comments above here.
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~
I think i would like to see your response to Fasda's comment here before I say anything else. I'm leaning towards a -1 based on your behavior during April, and the fact that i generally don't like unresignations straight back to mod.

Also, it looks like you took a pretty large break but it's nothing major that would affect the app here
Personally I dont care anymore if someone unresigns. I used to be against it in the past but nowadays I believe that unresigning can be a good thing in some situations. To be honest we could use more mods on the server hence another reason I wouldn't be against it. I played with panda recently and he seems to be chill now. I would 1+ for mod or tmod. Good luck Panda.
(06-08-2024, 08:50 AM)The Dutch Problem Wrote: -1 

(Context: During the whole Reina drama, something was allowed to happen I disagreed with, I pinged the relevant person asking "The fuck?!". During this time I had no interaction with Panda outside of getting this.)
I said this because I disagreed with your disagreement. if you are concerned about this statement wait till @Viviel?!? pulls out the 52 page wattpad.

My behavior is due to the responses to harassment in this server being garbage. I firmly think we give more chances for shitty actions and behaviors as just a gmod server than what should be given. It is an online community there are millions of others and thousands still around on this game alone. A ban is not as heavy as people make it seem, you are not banned from interacting in the community (in 90% of cases) and can appeal it infinite amounts of times (99% of cases) and you can go play gmod still we don't lock ur account or anything like that.

@chapman i am bad at quoting and replying, but I dealt with a lot of frustrations before I resigned and mainly resigned because I had a lot on my plate and was doing a lot of discussions and needed the break. I also thought that a lot of newer staff had been promoted and I wasn't as needed. However, as we saw a lot of people resigned and now I still play, gmod is a good place to socialize and vibe compared to many other games I play. There are a lot more issues with the summer crowd and the lack of staff cannot handle it.

@Foxka I was taking small breaks during my time as mod and before, I mostly resigned to try and force myself into a longer break. Also past month I have more hours than many current staff members combined to be fair.
Hello Mr.Pants

My vote for now is the following -1 for mod rank and +1 for tmod.

-1 for mod rank, i feel like going straight into being a mod again is going to cause you to burnout faster again, since you'll have to participate in different discussions and be more involved than any other staff rank which can be overwhelming after coming back, i believe you were a good mod and that you staffed fairly and were fun to play with, i hope seeing -1 doesn't discourage from coming back as it is with good intentions only.

Now for the +1 for tmod, i think tmod is a good rank to come back to after a resignation that was a month or so ago, since trusted is limited with what it can do and always is reliant on other higher staff members being on or asked for help which after you've been a higher rank makes you feel frustrated since you are always waiting on other people to help you, trusted is a nice rank for people who have never been staff or have been resigned for a long time and need to refresh on the guidelines and commands, i believe you've handled yourself well on the server and shown you are an active player, so i see no issues with coming back as tmod and being part of the staff team again.
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Carson sweats too much.

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