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(06-03-2024, 02:39 PM)Summer Wrote: I can say for a fact that the short time I played that teaming had happened and it was all in good faith. If all persons had fun, then why punish for it? Yes, pop matters and if this caused a problem time/gameplay wise then it'd be different story.

As far as I can tell this didn't cause an impact and it was dudes being dudes. This ban has expired but I believe some sort of standard dictated in the future to help eliminate any sort of fun having that will cause any ill will towards anyone.

Everyone should have fun, and having fun with people shouldn't be punished if everyone is laughing. Once someone raises a flag, give a warning point saying "teaming was brought up and we cannot do this any longer". Something along those lines.

I concur,  I know the ban is nearly up already but the context of the situation merits defending the character of someone who has been a positive addition to the community so far.
We've decided to remove the warn points given the circumstances and after having served the day ban, however in the future please adhere to the server's rules regardless of player count.
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