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Application for Trusted
has never -1'd anything ive said on forums + shitposting is fun + tea is better than coffee

+1 from me

oh and idk has historically been fun to be around on ttt or something i guess since this is a ttt app.........
[Image: TWQlDjL.png] 
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish

[Image: t2X0SiD.png]
-courtesy of milk(2)
I have to agree, it's hard to take this application serious because you have a tendency to troll/joke around frequently. Overall you know the rules, follow them on server, and meet every other expectation I would have for someone applying for trusted. But at this time, I can't support this application because of the trolling/joking around. -1 for now, but I could see that changing on a future application.
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~
Tea, the staff team does not believe you possess the skills to be a competent staff member. You may reapply on 07/08/2024.

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