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What is next for Dinks TTT?
Hey y'all, I don't know about y'all but I am craving a new update for the server. It has felt like a bit since we had a large update occur. 
Here is my list of things that I would love to see.
  • New Maps
  • New Primary or Secondary Weapons (Possibly new weapon crate??)
  • Fixed Volume System for Queues
  • Weapon Skins..... (We have the stuff, throw it in lol)

The weapon balances have been a great thing to see again and I hope more is to come!

Share your thoughts on what you want added to the server!
[Image: Bry-Donor-2.gif]
premium points for lightsabers. new hillrop map. sukuna skin.
we need a lot of new maps i think!
[Image: fBz8ezO.png]   
anything would be nice
Lost Land
[Image: b_560x95.png]
(06-04-2024, 10:37 PM)Nicol Bolas Wrote: Lost Land
I cant wait for everyone to complain about that map again (tbf I sometimes liked it but can agree it was a bit big)
another SG balance update
More ways to gamble points or a way to gamble premium points
[Image: image.png]Don't take anything I say seriously
Imagine if someone updated a server. Would be cool.
[Image: i43gHnI.png]
Oh wait I forgot about this. get meow/cat gun in pls, you can pet it.

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