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What was your first steam game that you played?
My first steam game that I played was moonbase alpha. Bought it from watching a youtuber play it if I recall right and had a bunch of fun with it lol.
My first game that i played was team fortress 2 was great fun especially the rocket jumping servers!
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Carson sweats too much.

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I think it was fallout 4. My first purchased game was Gmod lmao
I bought terraria in january 2014, I have about 1.2k hours in it by now, super fun to play through every year or so with the boys
Half-life 2: Deathmatch sounds about right, gotta be around early 2008. Aside from 1 server where I actually Deathmatch'd, I mainly used it for puzzle servers.
I was mainly a console gamer as a kid/teenager but I bought Fallout New Vegas on PC so I could use console/mods, it was the disk version but it still required a steam account I think
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i cant for the life of me remember what my first game was but probably a f2p game like team fortress 2 or some other game like blacklight retribution.
garry's mod
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Seananners convinced me Gmod was super fun back in 2014... It wasn't fun for the same reasons, but it still was a game I enjoyed.

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