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Rats be rats in the end.
Now now now, look what the rats have done. Ran off another community member based on their ego of staffing a server thats dead... Guess yall have a habit of destroying your friendships huh... Once again the rats come flocking with the Alts... First it was nullify with his alt of many names. Now we have Joemama and Lego man idk who of you they are, but let it be known i called you out on the server to which i then fucked with you because you fail miserably in hiding its one of yall. The length you go to, to staff a dead server is sad tbh... cant help but to think this is all targeting for stuff in the past, or well i know it is in fact targeting. not only did you go onto alts and specifically watch us, you consistently broke the rules(RDM ironic, Throwing gun out the map, consistent kill binding) as well, consistently decided it was ok to run into mine and phantoms faces in game and no one elses literally every round, I mentioned this to mystic but she never got around to getting on yall about it because she was to busy dealing with yalls whinning and trying to get into contact with levi, pushing so often just generally being a nuisance and a bother to rial us up. Had it been anyone else i would have let it go, but you guys made it obvious who you were and i decided to fuck with ya, punishment be damned(Perma Really lmao). However thats not what needs said at the moment, ill be back later to fight that when i feel like it, so look forward to it. I know you will. What needs to be said is how your little group has gained so much power within all these servers then have the nerve to tell others they are treating people unfairly and with bias. Levi you have a history of making fun of peoples sexuality and other such things with little to nothing being done about it. carson has been on record in phantoms ban appeal admitting to RDMing innocents and with nothing being done, as well as others. Yall banned Glaze on a RDM that was done to me out of a misleading Screen Shot with no context to the RDM, a RDM i was fine with happening to me. Phantom was also banned on a false ghosting claim that was infact someone else and not her doing it. Hell i have clips of levi RDMing me and i never once gave the guy the right to do so.. As for Big Sad and your shitpost on forums, i dont want to hear anything from someone that lacks basic empathy for others. Back when i could call you a friend you showed me your lack of emapthy for others. to make the story short we were in VC playing Norms minecraft server, I had apologized to you about just suddenly leaving without saying a damn thing. Told you i had to leave and get to the hospital because my mother had gone by ambulance. I never told what happened not that it needs to be said. However what you told me after was disgusting by all means. when talking about my mother being sick all you had to tell me and i fucking quote. "I really dont give a fuck" then proceeded to talk about how bad your job was at the time. But thats the kind of people that hang around here huh, homophobes, and Bullies.

You guys have been consistent when on,  bothering phantom and Glaze for a few years at this point, and with me when i called you out on phantom ban and won that might i add, Was anything done to levi despite me being angry about him RDMing me.. nope. So when you come to someone i care about and tell them they are doing bad at their job and being biased it not only bullshit but extremely hypocritical at that..... Was it Gcube or Gabe which one of them recently left and said a whole lot of shit that ive been saying so ages now with nothing but hate thrown my way and  love his way. You talk about biases and the such, talk about trust and such, yet you continue to break everyones and now you have ran Mytstic from this server and she will never come back. you dont even know how upset you guys have made her this time around, but i think you hardly care... Nothing was done when you chased others away that you deemed trouble. . Yall should feel ashamed of yourselves, but again you never cared about any of it in the first place, its always been about power and pushing it around. So you can run your mouth about bias all you like, you have been doing nothing but protecting each other for years despite it hurting the community as a whole. One of yall mentioned that the server is dead because of us, because of how we played today, im here to tell you thats not the case, the RDM is not the reason the server is dead, Murder Scene regually has many people within its server and the server does fine with rdm being allowed. Place fault where it belongs, you will find it in a mirror.

Oh and Mystic has one final message she wanted me to pass on to yall.. "This is the most disgusting server i have ever been in, staff members use alts to harass regulars and use said evidence to ban based on how they feel, letting personal feelings of players get in the way"- MysticalElf

You can consider that her Resignation from Murder and PH, shes not coming back thanks to no one but yourselves.
Why are you making this post instead of this Mystic person?
Was this posted out of pure spite or are you hoping for some kind of constructive action?
What constructive actions do you want out of this post?
You added a pile of conjecture on top of your anger at something that happened to this Mystic person that you didn't even explain.

That is to say, no one can assist the situation, staff cannot be presumed to punish the offenders if there's no tangible information on what happened and no immediate offenders named.
There's a community of people here who won't stand for bullying to persist.
Mysticelf got bullied off?? Wtf is happening
Obviously I don't have context into exactly what's happening, but I hope MysticalElf is ok...she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I've met on prop hunt...
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~
I need alot more context here? I don't think I seen any of this come up before
[Image: J6yUs0g]
This is indeed concerning to read, echoing dong comment makes me wonder wtf is happening now.
To give some background. About a year ago Nullify used a alt to spy on phantom in particular. constantly kill binding which is against the rules to watch her and ended up getting her perma banned over something that was not perma banable. Just recently more Alts have got on and started it all over again, being toxic in chat, constantly running up and being a nuisance to 2 specific players once again. We told mystic about it and she was unable to do anything about it as she was dealing with the alts at the time of a previous RDM by fluxx, and trying to explain how some of the rules work. She tried to contact levi who was IRONICALLY no where to be found at the time. We knew these two were alts as they knew things about phantom that no random would have known. they had access to items that no random would have at the time. This group, Levi, Norm, August, Carson have been messing with this group for some time now. Several False bans that took a lot of fighting to get turned, Harassment of Phantoms being a furry and her sexuality by the now Admin Levi, ect ect... all stuff i mentioned before. this all relates to this whole situation. mystic was having trouble staffing and she was made to feel like shit for it. Said she was being biased, so thats why i brought up stuff from the past to show that despite them doing many things against the rules, that whole group never got a single thing done to them for such thing. Yet mystic is being talked down to because she was struggling to keep up with what was happening, stuff staff on alts was causing to begin with.
Dead server, toxic, untrustworthy staff—what else could be going on here? Do staff think they are better than everyone else? You know, I've always had my not-so-nice thoughts about this server, but I always tried to keep them calm and under wraps, but after this, it's pretty obvious that others think the same. It is sad to see how you run a community with corruption and scandals. You can't sweep everything under the rug. Back with Nullify using an alt and constantly watching me was when I knew this server was going to dog shit. The fact you staff want to stalk and watch over a dead server looking to harass and constantly mess with regular players you know might react badly is a very shitty way to up your own morale and "job" as staff. It's completely scummy and shows you as a person. for the other alts yesterday. It's very obvious who those two were, and if you think I don't know, you must really be dumber than I thought because you slipped up on calling me her. No random user would call me by my correct pronouns the way you did. You even corrected yourself and proceeded to ignore every question I asked about how you knew my correct pronouns. It may be a stretch, but it's very obvious to me. My point being that it shows that there really is harassment and targeting going on. Why fuck around with me as opposed to everyone else? I know it's someone who knows how to get me upset, and who else but staff?. Anyway, this community was a great place at one point, and I've made many friends, but to see how this server dies is quite amusing to me.
Reading these responses, this sounds like a very strange targeting/hazing situation that absolutely deserves looking into by a higher staff member.
This sounds like a major yikes harassing probably the longest standing murder players.
[Image: J6yUs0g]

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