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Unresigning and what the Status Quo could be
Also thanks Damien for sparking some much needed dialogue on the matter :)
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I think inactive staff should be demoted after like 6months, thankyou for listening to my ted talk
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(06-11-2024, 09:49 AM)EpicGuy Wrote: Anyone who resigns should not get their rank back unless it is a very extenuating circumstance and the admins feel like something would go massively wrong without that person as staff (so this shouldn't happen often).

If you say "I don't want to do this anymore," you shouldn't be able to turn around in 1-5 months and say "tee hee. Just kidding. Can I get rank back pls? :)" If something comes up in your personal life or you get busy, just take a break. Those are what breaks are for. To take a break from the crap going on. There doesn't need to be an announcement, forum post, or a grand spectacle, just stop playing for however long you need. Now, if the break is longer than a certain amount of time, let's say 5 months, then yes, you should lose your rank.

There is a massive difference in saying "I resign" and "I need a break." One deserves a loss of rank (that the person is explicitly asking for) and the other deserves the rank to be kept until the player returns, unless the player does not return for an extended period of time determined by the admins.
This actually… Makes far too much sense. You are hereby banned from playing gmod ever again. This is the type of thinking that saves communities, you know, and we won’t have it.
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