Warning Appeal
Ingame Name: .Mason

Steam id:76561198822232538

Who Warned you: Brahma

Reason for Warn: Racism/Sexism/Derogatory Language/Slurs

Length till warn expires:12/02/2024 14:57:43

Reasons for warn to be removed: i copy pasted what "ghoul" said. i had a ticket (general questions) on the discord with other snippets of ghoul said in discord after/before he was banned. it was a homophobic slur 3 letter in length he was dead and brahma was alive so i ctr c it and repost it which was stupid of me.
Warned before? no
did you slur
For more context i saw an ss of mason repeating/reposting a slur of another member who had said the slur in other servers like discord, I don't believe mason had any malicious intent behind the repost after getting to play and interact with him, I don't think it's implied anywhere in the rules so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and trust that he won't do it again since then I've changed my mind and seen that mason wasn't doing it to go around the rules, I've warned him in the future if something like this happen to screenshot it and send it to staff members so they can handle it. I'm at +1 for the appeal if anyone has any other thoughts or questions feel free to ask
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Carson sweats too much.

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I’ve seen the same thing in the past. Appreciate you being honest and explaining it was a mistake. +1 for removal
+1 for appeal.
The warn will be removed this time, but in the future please send a screenshot to staff instead of repeating what was said.
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