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What Got you into Gaming?
So ive been asked this question many times and my response is honestly the same every time,my first game i played was LOZ Links awakening and since then i enjoy escaping reality into a realm where i decide what happens. I decide that i'm a hero or a villain i can do w.e i want in games that i could never do in real life like fly, and lift a boulder over my head or even have a proper conversation with a person without acting awkward as fuck lol. I grew up on gaming and it molded me into who i am lol gamer tattoos and all lol.
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Freshman year in highschool, Watching the famous gamer youtubers play prophunt.
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My addiction to mario when I was a kid.
My whole family games. I've been on a computer since I was two, and I've been playing ever since.  Big Grin
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youtube gamers people who played prophunt such as seananners and gassymexican. i decided to buy it and now im here
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When I was little my parents bought a pc. I started to explore sites of free games to past the time until my parents started to buy me PC games. Later on I watched gameplay on YouTube from famous YouTubers and I really enjoyed watching Gmod gameplay so I bought the game and got here
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Grandparents bought a NES with Duck Hunt and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for my brothers and I.
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Growing up we always had video games in our house, like the nintendo64 and gamecube. but I really got into gaming when one of my friends invited me to their teamspeak chat and to play starbound/minecraft/don't starve together and other games like that. Watched Markiplier play prophunt and that was all I would watch for like 3 weeks but was broke as hell. Then my boyfriend decided to surprise me by buying me the game (most likely to shut me up about it) and now I'm here!
When I was really little my parents got the family a Wii when I was 5. We didn't have many games on it, but I didn't care. One of the first games we got for it (Other than Wii sports because it came with the console) was a Mario game. I got hooked on video games since.
99% sure is was Bugs Life on the Nintendo 64 that I played first. This was Christmas when I was YOUNG
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