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How to play Murder
How to Play Murder (The Shortened Edition)
*Note: This will be moved to its own section on the forums eventually, and rules will be written. This is just here as the MOTD until Murder grows a bit Smile
Dinkleberg's Murder is still in the development/testing phases, I hope to have it done soon.

**Most of this was copied off of this guide:

In Murder, at the beginning of each round, one player on the server is selected as the murderer, the rest are selected as bystanders.

The goal of the murderer is to kill each and every bystander with the knife you are given as discreetly as possible. Murderers are rewarded points for killing bystanders and winning rounds.

You are given the ability of sprinting with (by default) shift key, making you slightly faster than any bystander. This ability can also give you away if you are seen moving faster than others, because only the murderer can move at such speed.

You will also see footprints of bystanders that will make them easier to track down. The footprints last up to 30 seconds.

After some time of not killing anyone, black fog will appear from you, revealing that you are the murderer. Seen holding a knife also guarantees that you are the murderer with the same reason as seen sprinting, it is exclusive to the murderer. As a murderer, you can not have a gun.

Pressing the Use key (E) while looking at a corpse will disguise you as the dead player. This costs 1 loot per use. When looking at the corpse up close, its name will show with additional text under the name saying "[E] Disguise as for 1 loot".

As the bystanders, one single player is selected to receive the revolver at the beginning of the round, an instant-kill single shot magnum.The goal of the bystanders is to discover who the murderer is and eliminate him/her as soon as possible. They must work together since guns are hard to come by.

The bystanders may also acquire a gun by finding 5 loot on the map. Press E to pick up loot. Loot are items that are highlighted in green around the map - pick them up as you see them.

The game has a built-in system of discouraging random killing as a bystander. If a bystander murders another bystander, they drop the gun and are blinded.

All players may push other players by looking at them and pressing E.


The game mode simply has a gun and knife exclusive for bystanders, respectively murderer. Both the weapons kill in one hit (dealing 120 damage).

The gun is a revolver with a one-bullet clip, with seemingly infinite reloads, so that you can shoot as much as you please. A bystander who is carrying a gun will, upon death, drop the gun on the ground which can be picked up by any other bystander.

The knife can slash (LMB) but also has a secondary attack, it can be thrown with the right mouse button (RMB). Knife throws can be charged, making the thrown knife move faster and further. Throwing the knife will make the murderer defenseless as he tries to pick up the knife again. A certain period of time after a knife throw, the knife will be returned to the murderer automatically if it hasn't been picked up again.

The "Show Menu" key (default Q) will show a circle with 4 options of categorized sounds. This feature is mostly used for fun, and will barely help in gameplay if players consistently spam sounds.

Useful Tips

As bystander:
  • See someone running unusually fast? That's the murderer.
  • If you are with some people and then find a body lying where there was no body earlier, you can safely mark those you were with as bystanders.
  • Murderers often don't like standing still in front of guns... It's scary. (This is because standing still makes one feel more vulnerable and likely to be hit.)
  • The murderer can't have a gun, so over time more guns will accumulate (assuming there is loot and people are picking them up), which narrows down suspects.
  • If a player has black fog oozing from him, that's a sign he's the murderer. (This happens when he hasn't killed anyone for a certain amount of time.)

As murderer:
  • As a murderer, be seen where there are a lot of people and unseen where there are few to make yourself less suspicious. Also when stabbing people who are alone, try to make sure no one knew you were there, or they'll be able to figure it out if they reason a little. (This is hard to do at all times of course...)
  • While talking about reasoning; it is good to act fast to give people less time to think, than to be slow and let them figure out everything. Also people will be grateful for not boring them by delaying.
  • If you kill someone and a gun drops, make a note of where that gun is, stop players from getting to it, and if it suddenly is not there anymore when returning; a lethal bystander is now out there.
  • If you are certain of your aim and dodging skills (and the other players' aim is poor), you can take out many bystanders even if you have been identifed and called out as the murderer.
  • Disguise yourself as a player and show off your knife to make people think the murderer is someone who's actually dead, then lose the diguise. Remember to hide the body as well. Cause confusion!
--Rules are yet to come--

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