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A List of Things that need to be done/ addressed
In summary: Long list of shit I feel needs to be done/ hasn't been done.

 1.) We need to address "Co-Owner"
  • Recently we lost Dakody due to demotion. Now we have 3 servers without a Co-Owner. This needs to be addressed at some point. 
         -  Murder has never had a Co-Owner. I know that there was problems between dink and the original murder admins, but we still need an actually proper staff tree for that server to be successful. Most of that original community has quit. We can't let murder be the next Dark RP. Assigning a Co-Owner and new active admins will do good. I like Papa, but she has stopped being active all together. Dakota now works a lot more and can't balance two servers as admin. So new admins are also needed.
         - PH is understandable, we lost most of the staff team a couple of months ago and we are still recovering. We now have two admins. Idk the whole situation there, or if a Co-Owner will be added, but I do feel as of now ph could use as much help as it can get.
         - TTT is the most popular server right now. Promotions are constantly needed. Only two people can promote: The Owner and Co-Owner. Currently our owner has been better in activity, but addressing Dakody and adding a Co-Owner needs to happen soon. If a Co-Owner isn't added, we need to at least give perms to admins letting them promote. If you don't trust them with, just try to make it where they can only promote people to regular-mod. 
 2.) Fix Grapple hook
  • The grapple is currently broken and allows you to fly around the map. This has been deemed an "exploit" until it is fixed. Which needs to be done to make staff's lives easier.
3.) Fix the bull$hite
  • honestly don't need to explain this.
4.) Time
  • People need their time changed a lot. The person who can change time is Dink. This isn't going to work for all the people needing it changed. I feel that admins should have the power to change people's time/ tell them how to use it if they have it.
5.) A schedule for Unbans/ Apps
  • Too many unbans and apps are left unnoticed or not dealt with for weeks. There needs to be a schedule. Ex: 
    - every week vote on all the unbans every 2-3 weeks vote on every app. 
  • This will add organization in the votes for admins and on the forums.
EDIT(I remembered another thing I wanted to add originally):

6.) Restrictions on posting in the Archives
  • Sometimes people mistakenly post in the archives instead of the actual section. This matters on almost all sections. The archives were added to create organization and remove some confusion. This is a very simple fix. All we would need to do is not allow anyone to post there except administrators+.
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(06-10-2018, 09:50 PM)Deadpool Wrote:  2.) Fix Grapple hook
  • The grapple is currently broken and allows you to fly around the map. This has been deemed an "exploit" until it is fixed. Which needs to be done to make staff's lives easier.

Took you guys long enough.
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I'm exploring a few ways to make voting easier for us, namely that sometines things get lost until it gets brought back up. But right now I don't think voting is a problem for us unless it's a tie.
save some flies for me guys
Time is definitely an issue that should be fixed. Rounds already last on average for 6-10+ minutes. Pretty sure time added per kill is around 45+ seconds, this should be drastically lowered to meet a more appropriate time for rounds with 32 players.

Even though the "time" you're discussing about is more towards "Time Staff are on / available", this is something that should still be tweaked. I also agree with Admins being able to promote up to Trusted/TMod, and potentially even Moderator. Even if it's temporary till a new Co-Owner is decided, it would help to get people promoted with ease.
If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
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Not to be a greedy staff position hog or anything, but I am still one of the active Murder staff members, perhaps one of the only ones. I'd be willing to step up and be an admin, but frankly, there really isn't all that much need for one. We don't get staff applications, suggestions, or ban requests. Murder is really different from TTT and PH in that it's hard to build a dedicated consumer base. Rounds are short, players don't stick around for much longer than half an hour at a time, and the server doesn't really have that much of a reputation. I don't really see any way to really change how the Murder server is administered to keep it filled consistently.

I'm not sure if PH really needs a co-owner, but if Dink decides to make one, I would absolutely like for Traitor to be given that position. I didn't ask to be PH Admin, I did so to help the server and its players in its time of need and make sure it didn't completely collapse. If Dink were to give Traitor and I the ability to promote/demote, I think we could run the server pretty well on our own with the exception of server restarts and adding new things (which even the Co-Owner doesn't get the ability to do).

I think TTT could run well with or without a Co-Owner. I think the inactive admins thing should perhaps be enacted because it can be hard to get in touch with people that haven't been on in awhile and aren't really informed. With the 4 or so active admins, they could run the server pretty effectively, I believe. This, of course, is contingent on at least one of the admins being given the power to promote/demote.

Ruins maps like Casino, one of my personal favorites. Not sure how it can be fixed without removing it, though. Removing it would be pretty unpopular.

Honestly, I think removing the shotgun or nerfing it down to a nub is a more important thing. It would allow for some weapon diversity rather than 60% of the server using them exclusively (myself included).

Admins should have it.

I think all unban requests and staff applications should be responded to within a week. This is the policy that Traitor and I agreed upon for PH stuff and since we are both so active, I think we can get things done a lot sooner.
Also, admins really need to reach out to the applicants if there are questions regarding their applications. Not to sound whiny, but I heard nothing about my application for over 2 weeks before finally deciding to bring it up to Dakody who told me why it was being delayed. I think at least one of the admins needs to keep a person informed so they aren't left in the dark.

These were some good ideas and I'm glad you brought them up. Thanks, Deadpool.
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also can we remove all badly optimized maps plz n ty
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