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PH Rules
Dinkleberg's Prop Hunt Rules

1. No Ghosting
Ghosting is giving away or hinting at the location of a prop while you are a dead hunter or a prop.

  • Spectator ghosting with trails is also prohibited. 
  • False Hints are prohibited. 
  • Self ghosting, giving away your own location, is allowed provided you are not near other props. 
  • Third party communications to relay the opposite teams location, are also prohibited. Steam Chat, Discord, or etc are examples of this. 
  • Ghosting with third party communications is automatically a jump to punishment 1 and a warning.
  • You are allowed to speak any language, however, if you get suspicious by players/staff for saying inappropriate things/ghosting you will be punished accordingly.
  • Shouting out that someone is in an illegal spot continuously can be seen as ghosting, use the admin chat by pressing @ {message} and contact staff to handle the problem. You can also contact the person in team chat or private messaging to let them know
  • Realizing people are ghosting and joining in on the ghosting either directly or by following them around and stealing the kills

2. Do Not Exploit, Hack or Otherwise Avoid the Game's Intended Limits.
Prop Hunt is a rather simple game. If you are a prop, you hide. If you are a hunter, you hunt. Please don’t make it more complicated by exploiting, hacking, or abusing commands to bend the game’s intended limits. 

  • Map exploiting includes getting back into hunter spawn on Underwataaa, using the !unstuck command to get out of the map, SMG grenade killing before hunters are unblinded, and prop climbing/prop surfing to get out of the map (Prop-surfing/climbing for fun is allowed). 
  • Do not try to escape the map bounds or exploit map bugs that provide an unfair advantage to gameplay. 
  • Do not abuse console commands to exploit the way in-game items work.
  • Do not attempt to exploit/spam the unstuck command

Hacking or Abuse of Console Commands
All offenses are an immediate permanent ban.

3. No Toxic Trolling
Trolling is the act of breaking multiple rules purposefully/blatantly doing the opposite of what is told of them.

  • Cases of trolling will be handled by staff via reasonable discretion
  • Be sure to know the differences between toxic trolling, and joking around. Don't punish for joking around, only punish for toxicity. (Someone breaking rules on purpose, harassing others, etc.)
  • If you purposely are aggravating someone or encouraging someone that is trolling it will also result in punishment aka don’t feed the trolls (instigating is punishable)

4. Do Not Sit in Unassigned/AFK
When you join the server, you are expected to pick a team to play on, whether that be hunters or props, and stick with it. 
  • Unassigned is for players that have just joined the server.
  • AFK is counted as no game play or movement or chat for a long period of time.
  • Type status into console, you can see the players connection time, and the status of their connection. It'll say connected, connecting, or similar.

5. No Time Farming
The server is for playing on and enjoying a bit of fun, not sitting around and doing nothing. If you wish to farm, purchase a watering can, tomato seeds, and some garden soil. 

6. Do Not Switch Teams If You Do Not Meet The Following Conditions Without Asking Staff First 
Any player with 0 kills and 0 deaths can swap their team, no matter the round. If there score is something other than 0 kills and 0 deaths, they must consult a staff member first.

  • If a player swaps their team to join their friend on the opposite team, no matter the round, is fine and they do not need to ask permission.

7. No Chat or Mic Spamming
You and I (the royal I, meaning all staff members) know what you shouldn’t be doing in the mic or in the chat.
  • Examples of mic and chat spam categorized: Burping, Noises(whistling, humming, etc), Singing(A line or two of a song is okay), Whispering, Screaming, Repeating phrases/words, Spamming in another language (It's okay to not speak English, it is obvious when someone is trolling/etc in another language)
  • This includes admin chat. If admin chat is being abused, the same punishments will take place as if you were spamming in chat or over the mic
  • Use @ to contact staff chat about players spots or if they are cheating. Do NOT call them out in chat.
  • Private messaging in admin chat, is for concerns/questions and/or staff discussion in game.
  • Using !psay (!p) to spam a player
  • Using a voice changer
  • You are allowed to speak any language, however, if you get suspicious by players/staff for saying inappropriate things/ghosting you will be punished accordingly.
  • Leaving to bypass your gag/mute will only get you regagged/remuted.
  • Staff get the final say in disputes. Do not argue with staff, if there is a miscommunication of the rules or something that you believe that needs discussed about a rule or a situation that happened, please contact staff on the discord or go to the forums and discuss the issue.
Note: You can go straight to a gag/mute with a warning placed in chat, if it is excessive.

8. Do Not Hide in Illegal Spots
A spot is deemed illegal if you cannot be seen or shot while using a normal weapon. Hiding in meshes to be invisible is also illegal.

  • Grenades, RPG, and Black Ops guns are not normal weapons.
  • Normal weapons are the pistol, smg, and the shotgun.

  • You can find a list of the illegal spots via this link, or by typing !spots in chat while on server.

9. Do Not Prop Block Doors, Spam E on Doors, or Block Doors With Props
You are not allowed to prop block doors to disallow hunters/props to go through them to get to you. This includes blocking stairways, and hallways. You're not allowed to spam doors, as it makes a noise that becomes quite a nuisance. You're also not allowed to block a door, as a prop/hunter yourself. 

10. Do Not Disrespect/Harass Staff or Players
Disrespecting and harassing our players and staff is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

  • Some examples, though not limited to, include being rude to players because of their race, gender, age, mental/physical abilities, voice/wording, and/or asking a player to do inappropriate things.
  • Please do not make fun of or imitate voice/wording of other players or tell them to shut up, there is an ability to mute players with tab, clicking their name and click toggle mute
  • Instigating issues to amuse yourself and referencing past issues 
  • Spamming players with trade requests or spamming the private message function are considered forms of harassment.
  • References to suicide, pedophilia or rape. 

11. Do Not Impersonate Staff or Players
Please do not impersonate staff. Depending on the situation, the punishment matrix listed below may be used by staff members. Non-staff are allowed to help, but do not speak over a staff member when they are handling an issue.

  • You're not allowed to copy a staff members/players name.
  • Do not threaten with bans, punishments or saying that your Dad owns the server or Garry’s Mod

12. Do Not Have an Inappropriate Name or Picture
Inappropriate names/pictures include (but are not limited to) anything involving racism, sexism, suicide, overly sexual phrases, and rape. Your name also cannot be an advertisement/link. (This means clickable)

  • For example, Prince Niggy, would not be an appropriate name. Please do not attempt to push the envelope on this rule. Just change it when we ask you. 

13. No Advertising
Advertising is prohibited on our Prop Hunt server. 

  • Some examples of advertising include: linking to other servers, Youtube videos and channels, Prince Nicky fan clubs, and any other website besides the dinkleberg forums/discord. 
  • Linking to our forums, or to specific threads on our forums is allowed, but please do not spam links to it. 
  • Advertising hacks is punished more severely than other advertising. Keep this in mind.

Links to child porn or forcing sexual images to other players is an immediate permanent ban. The fact that this needs to be added to the rules is depressing.

14. Do not excessively curse/talk about OVERLY sexual things/talk about politics or religion.
You will quickly notice that our server player base includes many younger players. For the benefit of these developing minds, please do not curse excessively or talk about overly sexual topics on the server. To avoid creating an overly diverse environment, please do not overly talk about politics or religion on the server either. 

15. Do not Rob Players of a Kill
This is unfair to hunters, and is no longer allowed. This includes kill binding as a prop to avoid a death by a hunter. This is for props specifically, a hunter killing themselves, in most cases, does not affect the game.

  • This includes killing yourself by explosive barrels, gravity, crushing yourself intentionally, and kill binding.

If you feel as if you or another player is being punished wrongly by a donor or staff member or that they are abusing their powers you can report them in the link provided below. Also make sure to use the correct format. 

You can make an unban appeal if you feel that you’ve been wrongfully banned or believe that you’ve changed and deserve a second chance. 

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