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PH- Map List
This is a list of maps (with links to their assets) that are currently in rotation. This will be edited as maps are added or removed.


PH_abandoned office-

PH academy20- (link says 2018 but its 20) 

PH ammattiraknnus-

PH awesomebuilding XL-

PH backyard-

PH bitnanner-

PH bunker v3x-

PH crashhouse-

PH dimmsdale b2-

PH elementary school-

PH fancyhouse-

PH gas station-

PH highflooroffice-

PH indoorpool-

PH islandhouse-

PH lockup-

PH modern house-

PH motel blacke redux-

PH office v2- Cant find the assets for this one, seems to be removed from the workshop.

PH parkinglot-

PH pirateship2- (may or may not be the right files)

PH restaurant- (2017 map could not find the original)

PH restaurant 19-

PH school-

PH starship-

PH story2- Couldn't find the assets for this one

PH twoside2-

PH underwataaa-

PH villahouse 2017-

PH zombie bunker- Cant find the assets

* if anyone can find the links to the files I couldn't find or sees something wrong let me know and ill edit it in.
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Never forget
This is handy, thank you sember. I've locked the thread to prevent comments, but you should be able to edit it. You're the best ♥
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