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Terraria Server?
I kind of just had this weird thought while I am playing on Our Prop Hunt Server but I play Terraria a lot I have had it for years but I have not played it in a long time like at least two or three years since I had to factory reset my laptop around that time and I had to reinstall everything but I only just recently reinstalled Terraria although all of my information on it was gone but I have been playing it and I know a lot of other people own the game and play it as well quite a lot and I am not sure how this would work exactly but I thought what if we create a Multiplayer Server on Terraria for others in Our Community (Discord, Steam Group and Forums) to join and play together...I am not sure if it would be me creating and owning The Server or if it would be a Staff Member and I am not sure how The Terraria Server would be advertised since Multiplayer on Terraria can be a bit dysfunctional at times but I just love Terraria and thought it might be a good suggestion
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This has got to be the longest sentence i've ever seen, otherwise neat idea. Wish i could run terraria on my laptop.
If I had terraria on my pc I would totally join
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This would be a bloody damb good reason for me to buy Terraria  Big Grin

But I think the community has got their hands tangled on making new active servers (I don't mean this offensively), but this is a great idea, I'd love to build and fight side by side with y'all in that game  Heart
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it's a good idea on paper but in the end it'll just be a clusterfuck of people spamming bombs and committing multiple war crimes
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As fun as that sounds, people would just come on and destroy everything. I'd play it though if I bought it for PC
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im down i love terraria
hentai furry crossover 

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If this ever does come into fruition, it should probably be timed at the release of journey's end

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