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Hacking and Teaming
Offender's Name: [b]BOBBY ‏‏‎ B and [b]Kramcer and Garry newman was a fraud, and Solar[/b][/b]

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:109010138 (BOBBY ‏‏‎ B), STEAM_0:0:84765259 (Kramcer), STEAM_0:1:218983212 (Garry newman was a fraud), STEAM_0:0:83909077 (Solar)

Potential Witnesses: Solid Snack, Deathstar, kevinrai2008

Reason to Ban: Knowing who has the gun and who has the knife the moment they spawn in, Bunny Hop scripts , Teaming, Trolling, Threatening to stalk people (Kramcer only), Aimbot (both), Alternate Account switching upon ban, Spamming, exploiting to get out of the map, Screaming into mic, list goes on.  After Billy was banned for the second time, Garry assisted Kramcer in killing me when I was the last bystander, and Solar assisted Garry in killing me (Teaming).

Proof: Can't record video as I don't have the software to do so. I cannot provide proof of the stalking incident with Kramcer either, but it occurred on 7.11.19. All users mentioned have VAC bans except for Garry. Every round, Garry would bet 5k on himself and Kramcer would bet 5k on garry as well. 

Screenshots:    << Killing the murderer within the first 20 seconds after announcing who the murderer was over the mic. Murderer didn't even get the chance to pull their knife out.    << Proof that BOBBY B was banned once.    << Garry outside of the map. He does this whenever he's not the murderer or when he doesn't have the gun.

Other: BOBBY B has the same symbol in their name that the pornographic screenshot uploader on the PH servers.
Boby B has been Banned by @"Squishy"  Indefinitely  _

Ill keep an eye on the other 2 as those players are known trolls on other servers. 

I question how he even got out of academy, Will Talk to Admins or Dink about fixing that issue.
Ingame Names 
Sharky / [Red]Sharky / Hysender / Wizard
Apple a Day keeps Mother Nuru Away 

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