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Minecraft Server
Minecraft is making a comeback as more than just a meme, so I was wondering if Dinks or someone in the community had the resources to start a community Minecraft server. If you do or are interested, please leave a reply below!
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I am t-  J - s not t - G - s and especially not the plural of tj. That would be retarded.
There's a possibility I might make one in the near future. Probably when I'm back in my dorms. It wouldn't be that big of a server, and probably wouldn't have anything to do with dinks unless given permission.
Modded server soon. Stay tuned.
4/8/20-1 year of staffing TTT
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cough cough message me on discord
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Imma say this will fall under the same thing as people asking for a Terraria server. While it's on the rise and fun to play with people, I don't think having something that fell under the community would be a good idea right now. There's things being worked on with the servers atm and the focus should stay there. However, Im sure if you ask around, there are quite a few people that run/own servers Im sure if you ask around someone will let you join.
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~
If you're just trying to play survival or something someone could set up a realm ez pz.
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If dink wants to run an official server I can host it, nodded or not
save some flies for me guys
I know plenty of the community here have their own private servers. I play on one with alot of people from here. Just ask around, you'll find an IP or 2
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Dinks Minesaft server
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