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Tips for Newbies
Hello new members and welcome to the Dinkleberg forums!

This post is intended to help you navigate, appropriately use the forums, and answer some commonly asked questions.

What should I do first?The first thing you should do is make a introduction post. Tell people who you are and what your interested in, help the community better understand who you are. You can make a intro post here>

Make sure to post in appropriate forum sections- The forums are divided into multiple sections and subsections. 
The main sections are Core, Community, TTT, PH, DR, and Murder. Each main section will have subsections relevant to the topic. 

Core is reserved for news, announcements, and help guides. 

Community is where introductions, general discussion, staff/donor abuse reports, and server support threads live. This is also where you can find game mode rules, changelogs, staff lists, staff guidelines, and ...shitposting.

TTT/PH/DR/Murder will each have threads specific to their game modes. These will include gamemode specific help and suggestions, ban and unban requests, and staff applications.

Search the forums before asking a question. Chances are your question has already been answered somewhere on the forums, searching cant hurt right?  You can launch a forum search by following this link.

Check post dates before commenting- Nobody likes necro-nancy. Posts that have been inactive for over a few months are considered necro-threads. Commenting on a necro-thread will often pull out of date information to the top of the feed and can cause confusion. Its better to just make a new thread then revive a necro.

How do I donate to the server?- Donations can be made by typing !donate in chat while on a Dinkleberg server, they can also be made by following this link.>  Make sure to donate to the proper gamemode as perks, points, and privileges do not transfer between gamemodes.

Donors receive certain privileges which can include ulx commands like gag and kick. Understand that abuse of these privileges can result in revocation of donor status without refund and sometimes ban depending on the situation. Donor conduct guidelines can be found here

I donated but didn't receive my rank/points- In most cases you will receive your donor badge and points apon mapswitch however in some instances it can take up to 24hrs. If you have not received your donor rank and/or points after 24hrs you can post a help request in this thread.> 
Make sure to have a copy of your recipt ready for staff.

I want to be staff, what do I do?- Before making a staff application make sure you meet the minimum requirements. Each gamemode will have different requirements that can be found in the links below. 
Make sure to follow the format for posting if all requirements are met.





How do I make a staff/donor abuse report- If you feel that a staff member or donor is abusing their role please post a detailed report here.> 
Make sure to follow the format for posting.

How do I join the Discord?- Just click this link silly>
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Never forget
Probably should have this under the donor section
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.
wasn't really intended for just donors (misunderstandings are fun)
 [Image: tPaCVTqP3PiUzH4fdRA-9J-_mgergeVrIQT-h5yn...authuser=0]
Never forget
(08-03-2019, 03:46 PM)§6SEMBER_UNO Wrote: wasn't really intended for just donors

I realize this but many donors do not know of this until much later by looking themselves or being directed to them while on server. Figured they should know that they also have a section.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.

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