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Fixing Dinkleberg's One Step at a Time
Throughout the past couple of months I have noticed a serious issue in this community. This issue is center aligned forum posts. Luckily I have a cure. 

I have created a script that when creating a post or response will prompt you to "Don't fucking center align" then selects the left align button. As shown in the image, it is 100% effective in getting you attention to not center align.

[Image: XtB0yVS.png]

If anyone would like this script send me a message on discord. Also Admins, if you would like me to implement this on the forums for all users let me know.

(08-07-2019, 09:41 PM)Old Man Voss Wrote:


I have been informed right alignment is also an issue. I will bundle a fix for that in the same script. Thank me later.
Ted you are a hero to us all.
This thread is stupid.
There is no problem with Right Alignment
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I honestly Don't see a problem with people choosing their own alignment. I mean people choose to play TTT and no one really bats much of an eye. 
¡pǝɹᴉɟ sʇoɥs
I agree, center aligning is just too bad.  +2
[Image: Sy6406Z.png]
You see Ted, the forums may 
End up getting snapped 
If someone collects 

THE INFINITY ALIGNMENTS (yes I am aware justify looks like left align) 

Also, what about using comic sans in a eye+burning color? 
[Image: QfjhNQ2.png]

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