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Addressing Toxicity in the Community
The Problem
It has come to the attention of upper staff, including Dinkleberg and the PH/TTT Admins, that a set of toxic cliques has formed in this community. 
These groups are spiteful and childish, harassing any player that does not agree with their actions. Commenters on staff apps regularly get 
attacked for not agreeing with their outlooks. People are harassed on the forums and on Discord. This has led to quite a number of users being 
afraid to comment on applications or participate in the community for fear of backlash and harassment. 
This is not okay.

Further, while these people openly attack anyone who doesn’t listen to their hivemind, they decry anyone that is not a part of them as “toxic” and 
oppressing them. This is not just sad, but undoubtedly wrong. Frankly, these actors have been allowed to continue for far too long, and we apologize 
for not doing something about this sooner. It took time for us together and review evidence, and to form a consensus. It took far too long. This 
community should be safe for all members. In a desire to not act too quickly we have neglected certain members and let them be attacked. 
We left you without a voice. We can only apologize for not acting sooner. 
But now is time to end this.

The Evidence
It is not okay to lie about your history and actions, belittle others, falsify situations, pathetically brag and be toxic just to feed your own ego.

It is not okay to attack people for making valid criticisms on staff apps or other threads.

It is not okay to harass members so consistently that they fear voicing an opinion.

It is not okay to egg on further conflict just because you think your friends are never wrong.

It is not okay to mindlessly hivemind support for your friends despite logic and reasonable outlook.

It is not okay to literally tell people their opinions are wrong because they disagree.

Besides the evidence of toxicity here there is more that cannot be shown. Some evidence involves users who we hoped to keep anonymous to 
protect them from backlash. Other evidence cannot be captured. The offhand comments, the tone with which people speak, the short tempers. 
Everyone knows how it is when someone is throwing shade. We all know the feeling. And that shade being thrown by a large group against single 
individuals who won’t be a part of the hivemind is unacceptable. Making people feel unwanted because they don’t agree will not be tolerated. 

The Punishment
Thus, in a unanimous joint PH and TTT Admin decision, and with the blessing of Dinkleberg, we hand out the following punishment:

Battons, Lily, HalfDemonLink, Laced Xanax, WildfireTDawg, and ritsuneru are indefinitely community banned. 
These members may appeal this decision and each will be decided on a case by case basis.

The End
This decision was not made lightly and was given much thought by all members of the Admin team and Dinkleberg. 
If you have any questions or concerns please direct them towards the TTT or PH Admins. Thank you.

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I like when I haven't even been on in like a week and I get community banned.
The local Sega & Sonic fanatic.

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Only took me a year and a month but I finally did it everyone smash that like button please
one of the links are broke
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i made a thing
i made another thing
i made a new thing

former ttt mod
former dr admin
Staff 2017-2023
Come on guys, let me just rest in peace, dont revive me! Ive already decided to leave the community as I felt there were situations where I was continuously wronged. Be it by staff, or by other players. I know what I did and I may not regret any of my own decisions, but I will never defend it. Dinks is not for me, and Im well past it already. Ive already contacted the ones i want to continually keep in touch with.   Some times its hard to let go of something that was a big part of your history, but things change with time. I hope the ones banned will take that into account. Its a shame it took me so long to come to terms with that. I wish nothing but the best for you all and may we cross paths on other games and platforms, if I ever get a break from irl. :p Bye all.
Dang its that serious huh
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ok bye

To make this not a shitpost, I will add this:

I'm not appealing this. Good luck finding more people who actually care about this community, because the people involved with making this decision clearly don't.
WILD: So, I am fine with this decision a little. Remember the drama between rits and proper? The drama between dong , rits, and link? Where STAFF members came and spoke to them individually to come to a civil understanding. I would've taken a demotion or long ban, I do not mind nor care. But the fact that some of these people who were banned that WERE NOT spoken to (including me) seems unjustified and wrong. I was told to talk to each person to try and defuse the situations. If communicating with people who I care about hinders staffing or helping this community, then you guys are doing something wrong.

[Also something to note: I plan to keep tabs on admins activity once again. For those admins who do not maintain 10 hours per 2 weeks on the server, they will be moved to the "inactive admin" rank and will not be allowed to cast votes on apps, unban requests, etc. This is because these opinions of players should be formed by their activity on the server primarily.]. You know who you are. Maybe actually have great friendships and relations with your members of the server, and you won't have issues. Managers are suppose to help check up and assist their employees, isn't that was Admins - Owners suppose to do?

Now, for people who I care about on the server who are banned and not. Do NOT follow us but take this as a lesson to all. Keep tabs on who you can trust. There are Traitors amongst us.

I Am Inevitable. 


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