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PH - News Bulletin - 9/5/19
Boy do we have some updates for ya'll this month! With the start of school back up and running, traffic has been low, but changes are high! (Thanks dink for finding time to fix shit we break)

With this, we also got the staff member(s) of the month votes in, so let's put our hands together for Sharmander and Mono/Midnight! Congratrulations on your names being posted on the half of fame for staff members.

With this comes some updates to prophunt that dink implemented yesterday, lets go over those shall we?
  • Pointshop2 and discord relay got some small updates, so if you guys notice any errors, please report it to dink/admins/staff so we can make sure it's all going smooth!
  • NEW PROP MENU?!?! This prop menu is being tested out, and enforces our banned props list. No more turning into illegal props that are on the server banned list! This is by the same guy who made PH enhanced so we're giving it a go. Right now it's set that you can only change props using the menu 5 times, but this can be fixed. Be sure to give us plenty of feedback so we know what to do from here!
  • For the time being, don't use the !donate system! We will have it up and running ASAP, Dink is looking into it. In the meantime if you have donated, get your steam ID and screenshot of your purchase, and Dink/the admins will fix you up!
  • We got 3 new maps! Be sure to tells us if you like or dislike them, and expect some more to come in the near future to replace all the ones we removed!
Thanks for tuning into the monthly newsletter. If you have any in general suggestions, slap those suckers down!
Smurfmin out.
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I'll eat ass for a dollar
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Ph and Murder Mod 1/26/20 - 2/2/20
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TTT Staff 7/18/19 - 6/17/20
I may look calm but in my mind I just killed you three times

#SMOL SQUAD 2016-forever

Nicol Bolas
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