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Discord Unban Request for Infinity.
Discord Name: Infinity

Discord ID: Infinity#2787

Who Banned You: Not sure

Reason For Ban: I really don't remember.

Length of Ban: Permanent? 

Reason for Admins to Unban: The fact that I don't remember why I was banned, but I will say whatever it was that I did, I apologize. Just gonna say that whatever it was that I did, I was probably drunk. I don't drink anymore. 

Have you been banned before(any of our platforms & Link relevant threads): Nah.

[Image: 989fe23545f47bcdb032b99711c28524.png]

not quite sure what it means but ill look into it more... but in the meantime we appreciate you taking the time to appeal and should get a response by the committee within a day or two
oh its the gay furry dude that harassed scoovie i believe
We're just a giant ass
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if ur the same human trash u were 1-2 years ago then no thanks gamer
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I suggest doing abit more digging into your ban before submitting another ban appeal.

Saying that what you did may've happened while intoxicated and that you don't drink anymore, is a poor excuse to be unbanned. 

Please take more time and energy into your appeals. 
Your unban request has been Denied.  This app was initially deleted and restored, and with your past behavior, we do not think you are ready to return at this time.  You may apply for an unban again on 11/20/19.
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~

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