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Why hello ya'll!

I bet you're all pretty damn surprised to be reading this! I'm even surprised to be writing it! 

But I know all ya'll are just dying to get the T and are asking yourselves "but dork, WHY?! i thought you loved the server!" 
Well buckle up your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, and hold on for this insomnia and rage induced psychotic extravanganza cause in a few short sentences i will explain to you exactly WHY i no longer have the need to be staff on this godforsaken server! Big Grin

To start it all off, may i just say that i am sick and fucking tired of all you thirsty ass fucking gamer boys, trying to hit me up, trying to "be friends" cause I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. i know the drill! i've been through it time and time again! It has caused so much useless drama in my life and has caused rumors to be spread about me, that no one but me knows are false. so i am more than ready to leave all that bullshit behind. Another reason is, this server is downright fucking toxic! wow! who would've guessed! not only are the players thirsty whores just scavenging for drama at every single corner, but the staff is also downright biased and love to favorite certain players or staff members over others! and i've grown so tired of seeing it happen time and time again where staff members turn on each other and talk behind each others backs! So i'm super done getting involved with that. 

And last, but certainly not least, let's all turn our attention to my wonderful ex boyfriend, Lukorion! 

Now let's go over some of the reasons why i can no longer stand to even be near this silly little rascal: 

For starters, this guy, this adorable little manipulator him, promised me a life with him, put a ring on my finger and gave me his word. He convinced me so much that i would be okay with him that i dropped out of school for him and i almost lost my job for him, isnt that crazy?! who the fuck would actually do that? well he would, i'll tell you that! Actually, I was in a serious car accident back in June (as some of you may or may not know) and my car was obviously a total loss so i received roughly 10,000$ in insurance money. What did i do with that insurance money, you may ask? buy a new car? NOPE. i flew my ass across the country to see him and i paid for EVERYTHING. Every meal we ate, all our groceries, every outing we went on, i even bought him a brand new wardrobe for Christ's sake and he never even washed those clothes! he even felt entitled enough to take my credit card and go max it out at the brand new weed dispensary in his town, cause i mean, who checks the price of anything when paying with someone else's credit card?  i spent most of my insurance money visiting him for just two weeks. Just to make him happy on his birthday. Fast forward to September, it's my birthday! yay! He surprisingly flies himself over to me, but before coming he sure had to make me feel guilty about not owning a car to get around in for when he visited. " but Luk i can't afford a car! i spent all my money back there with you Sad" Welp too bad,my dumb ass went out and purchased a brand new car all while yeeting my credit down the hole just to make sure he was happy and had a comfortable ride to sit in when he was here. And as the drill goes, for three weeks, i had to pay for all the expenses: food, groceries, gas, outings, weed, hotel rooms, etc. So you bet i was broke as all hell. And he had the nerve to be unhappy and unsatisfied and "anxious" the time he was here. Not even a week after he leaves, he just decides that it's over. he decides to end the relationship out of nowhere without even a simple explanation. i was SO manipulated, stuck in the worst kind of trance, brainwashed to no limits. But when he broke up with me, i got a hell of a wake up call. I fell to my knees and cried t'ill i couldn't breathe, t'ill i passed out. i could not eat, i could not sleep, i could not talk, i could not even keep up with basic hygiene and take a shower. My mother had to drag me out of bed and help me into the shower, and when i was in, all i did was sit on the floor of the shower, shaking and just watch clump after clump of my hair fall out of my head and down the drain. I couldn't function anymore. I was hospitalized and locked in the psych ward. I was stripped of all my clothes and personal belongings and I was locked into a white empty room with nothing but a bed with restraints on it. i was fed like an animal, but i just left my food at the door. I was put through hours of intensive treatment and therapy. Now, where was luk during all this you may ask? ohhhh yeah, he was busy fucking the whore he told me not to worry about. i was the one to offer to be friends with him after being released from the hospital, because i thought maybe i could at least still have him in my life. and we did stay friends for a few weeks, but oop. that didn't last for long. Already i could see his mood swings and violent behavior seep through his perfect smile. One day it was "I really miss you, i still love you and i want to get back with you, i meant it when i said i love you, i'll never move on from you, i'll wait for you for the rest of my life, we're just both at really hard times in our lives right now" and the next it was " leave me alone, i dont want to talk, you always make me feel like shit, you always blame me, you always ask me questions i don't know how to answer, i just dont know what to tell you" It was constant back and forth. But while he was trying to keep his hold on me, he was hooking up with his new bitch behind my back, telling me " Don't worry, she's not flirting with me, there's nothing going on between us, she just acts like that with everyone" BOY WAS HE RIGHT, i could name a LIST of guys this girl has tried to get with, single or not. so yeah, she really does act that way with everyone.  And i tried to give Luk his chances! i gave him chance after chance to tell me the truth, but each time, he lied. So today is the day, my guys! you can all go ahead and give a big round of applause to Lukorion for killing the Dorkatron you all knew!  Big Grin  Cause she's looooong gone. And to all you girls who wondered about Lukorion, maybe considered sending him a little message to see how things go, please feel free to, his dick is locked and loaded and ready to fucking gooooo! but don't stick around too long or else you'll end up just. like. me. 

P.S. when i mentioned "the players" and "the staff" in my first two reasons, i didn't mean EVERYONE, but to everyone who is concerned, you know who you are.

P.P.S. Because Lukorion will probably see this resignation message, but he will be blocked on all my accounts, he might try to reply to this, he might try to come at me and expose me for my mistakes, and you know what, sure, go ahead, i don't care, i ain't even gonna be here anymore lmao. So before that shit show goes down, lemme all just say YES, i made mistakes, YES i fucked up during our relationship, i'm NOT perfect. but i'm also sick. my mental illness, doesn't always make it easy for me. But i got help. I went to therapy. i tried to fix myself for him and he went ahead and broke me to pieces. he's the one turned me into ash. into nothing. 

So i hope you all have a very lovely day and I wish you all the best! 


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well that was a lot to take in. I know we didn't talk alot dork, but I understand and even agree to some points mentioned. I want to thank you for your time staffing and trying to help the server as well as wish you good luck with where ever life leads you. So long Space cowboy

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First of all grow the fuck up, how dare you use shit like that for excuses after what you've done. no one will know the truth cause there are two sides, you twist the truth so I'm not even going to bother to say what was a great lie in that story you know exactly what you did to me dork so don't even play the victim.
damn prophunt really be wildin' out tonight
4/8/20-1 year of staffing TTT
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(10-28-2019, 08:10 PM)Nicol Bolas Wrote: damn prophunt really be wildin' out tonight

Lot of ghosting going on too.
I did not know you well I only knew what I saw on server.
I am sorry you had to go through that and i wish you the best and hope you are able to work through everything and be healthy.
~All the best people are crazy~
~Don't ever put me in a situation where I show you how heartless I can truly be~
*Eats popcorn*
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Seriously? Another drama we are about to have? If you two have personal issues, perhaps they should be PRIVATE, not shown to the public.
(10-28-2019, 08:27 PM)Mono Wrote: Seriously? Another drama we are about to have? If you two have personal issues, perhaps they should be PRIVATE, not shown to the public.

I highly agree Mono
I wanted to play PH with you again tho


Seriously though, if anyone understands where you're coming from, it's me. I know I've definitely fucked up with you in the past, but I'd like to think that's behind us. Sorry that you feel like this about the server, staff, etc. But trust me, I know exactly how you feel.

Won't touch on anything else because it isn't my place, will miss you when I'm unbanned Sad
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Know who you can trust.

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