Poll: Who is the most deserving for staff member of the month?
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Lieutenant Deathstar
7 25.00%
4 14.29%
3 10.71%
5 17.86%
2 7.14%
Old Man Voss
4 14.29%
0 0%
Pixie Soldier
3 10.71%
0 0%
Ryuji Sakamoto
0 0%
Total 28 vote(s) 100%
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PH Staff Member of the Month for October 2019
It may have seen to go by fast, but what really happened, is that I am getting this out on time instead of being nearly a week late.

It is time to choose the staff member of the month for October. Here you get choose the staff member that you believe has done a great job volunteering some of their free time for the server and the community. Only active staff are included and admins are not a part of the poll either.  I am keeping it simple and just using the website this time since I keep having concerns that people may be cheating if I use the strawpoll by altering their ip addresses. The top active staff are included in the poll.

Select the staff member listed above who you believe is the most deserving, you get 1 vote.

Have a fantastic day,

Not the Original Fish
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Make sure to make the day.
fish no poll up is up
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(10-31-2019, 06:21 AM)ironically Happy Wrote: fish no poll up is up

I was still making the poll, it's posts the thread before the poll is filled out. Sorry about that.
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Make sure to make the day.
is it a bother if people change their ip address to vote multiple times anyways?
I told a couple of people to stop chat spamming the n word, can I get a honourable mention
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Player Mega Trap Salad changed name to salsa+kale=best salad
Player salsa+kale=best salad changed name to Cake
UwU Whats this sisters its a trappy wappy Hims a bads man and should gett the goods funishments for twicking the gemer gurls and bois pwease daddy mod pwease dont wet dis injustice continue on dis ser ver
(10-31-2019, 08:11 AM)Meeemo Wrote: is it a bother if people change their ip address to vote multiple times anyways?

it's not actually changing the ip its people downloading a trial or free vpn and voting another 6-9 times
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still dont see this as a bother
I really don't know how you don't see it as a bother. The point is everyone gets one vote. If you get one or two people who constantly change ip's than the whole point of the vote is lost cause those people effectively decide the winner rather than everyone in the community.
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Arguing about polls is not the point of this thread, you guys can take it elsewhere if you desire to continue it. It has been a problem in the past, this has eliminated the problem. I do not see the reason for continued discussion for a problem that no longer exists. Vote for who you want and depart. Anything else is just unnecessary at this point.
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Make sure to make the day.

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