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New Beginnings, and Other Bad Titles for an Admin Introduction
The Time Has Come

But seriously, hey everyone. I’ve been discussing things with Dink for awhile now and have decided to take on the mantle of Admin. I’m grateful for the promotion and hope to help the server as much as I can. I want to do my part in making the server a better place for everyone. I promise I won’t make this super long as I’m not as eloquent nor full of historical references  as @Gabe was. I’ll also attempt to not be super ranty (no promises on that ). 

One of the largest issues I’ve noticed as of late is a disconnect between Dink, Higher Staff, and the Regular players. This isn’t a new issue, nor is it an easy fix. I’ll work hard with @Avi  to look for potential fixes to this otherwise large issue. I will try my best to be as open as possible about server issues, additions, and removals. One idea I had recently was optional pingable game roles (ttt,ph,dr,murder) for discord announcements. Right now the discord announcement tab is fairly useless as nobody can see an announcement unless they specifically look. More on that later though. 

On the TTT side of ideas and additions, I am actively looking for new Traitor and Detective items and have also recently pushed a map update and created new mapvote thumbnails. I want to be super open about everything I do and I hope to unveil some more ideas, fixes, and additions in the coming months and I am very excited to do so. On another note; Everyjuan, our co-owner, has also recently been more active and is helping fix several issues server-side and has also done quite well. Just for example: Old logs are now working again! While a small thing for regular players, for staff this was an amazingly helpful fix.

 On the subject of our owner. We know Dink hasn’t been very vocal recently, but it isn’t the end of the world. Some of you believe he doesn’t care and hates us. This isn’t true, Dink loves this community more than anyone here. He’s doing his hardest to fix issues across all four servers whilst handling IRL stuff and he is doing a good job. For those who wish to read it, I’ll link a screenshot of a post from Darkkran that really helps put things into the perspective of a server owner. Read it sometime, it helps.

When I first began discussing the possibility of being Admin with Dink, he was very hesitant about promoting me. Is this because he thought I wasn’t knowledgeable enough or responsible enough? No. He was hesitant because he didn’t want me to receive all the hate and toxicity that comes with being in this position. The way Dink sees it; staff, especially the admins, are put on a pedestal and constantly criticized. They receive hate for every little thing and are blamed for issues that no single person or rank should be blamed for. It just wears people down. 
Staff are people too. We make mistakes, we laugh and cry, we forget things, we’re dumb. This is all completely okay.

People bending rules, hating staff, abusing power, causing drama, and overall being toxic break the community we love. While I may not have been here as long as a lot of you, I still love this community and everyone in it. I want to help make this a better place for both regular players and staff. I’ve done a large part to stay out of drama, whether it be in discord or the forums, but now as one of the leaders of this community, I can no longer do that. I fully take responsibility for this however and will do everything I can along with Avi to help resolve any and all issues that come against our community.

Now I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things I wanted to talk about, and probably could have worded a lot of this way better, but the main thing I wish to state here out of everything else in this announcement is quite simple:

This is a gaming community. We come here for fun, whether it be with friends or alone. Sometimes you need to take a step back and realize that everyone here just wants to play a game and have fun. Chill out, relax, and have fun. Thank you
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God bless the bolas
Im proud of you nurd, you've come a long way, and Im looking forward to working with you and what you can bring to the community ^^
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~
Welcome to the admin squad.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.
wow i am so proud the day has finally come for @Gabe to officially bow down.

on a serious note, i know you'll do great. you've always taken things on a relatively positive attitude. I'm glad to be able to see you up where you are now.
hmmmmm Are you approaching me. Gratz on the big red nikolas.
normally i'd be the guy that tells you that nothing will change, and most of the problems with community members is a result of the staff allowing things to boil up to that point, and that you're a glorified mod at this point

but i already told you that on discord lol 

good luck, it was fun watching you climb the ranks. i know you'll be a good admin.
Best of luck Nicol  Big Grin
[Image: unknown.png]
Nicol bows down to me wtf

I knew you would get Admin and I know you will do good. Let’s see how many months it takes you for to fall into the usual admin cycle or break something :lenny
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this is so cheesy i wonder how much money it took you to bring this to the table.
cheese is expensive as fuck and yall know it.
congratulations. now can you remove on-call staff from me? k thx.

other than that, we gotta watch out, just because he's red doesnt mean his habits will change.
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