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Steam Name: (Steam name here if you have changed/altered your name since the ban, please include the name that you were banned with) KingDerpy is my current name and don't know what my name was when i was banned the reason why will be obvious later

Steam I.D:STEAM_0:0:53913515

Who banned you: unknown

Reason for ban:non given

Reason for Admins to unban you: (If you have proof of your innocence, please attach them or leave a link where we can see them. However, we understand that will most likely not be the case and the staff member(s) should have gathered evidence to justify the ban.)  i hopped on gmod today for the first time in a little while to play with a friend the said we should play prophunt and that they have a favorite server so she hops on it and tells me the name a hop on to find that i was perm banned for no reason given (image below) i told my friend that i haven't played prophunt in like 4 years when i used to play prophunt and she gave me the discord where i contacted a very helpful admin(Sarcasm Guaranteed) that explained all my options and concluded that i should make a post

Extra details/information:
My Personal Discord profile incase of more proof or anything of that sort : KingDerpy#9216 only add if you are staff needing info thank you
This is your steam ID: STEAM_0:0:101003513

These are your previous names:
[Image: 20200802_105737.jpg]

Your name rings a bell but I don't completely remember what you did. Possibly trolling but can't say for sure. 
Throwing a +0 out because I haven't found anything on your ban. 
[Image: 0000000.gif]
(Yesterday, 01:33 AM)The Triangle Wrote: Your name rings a bell but I don't completely remember what you did. Possibly trolling but can't say for sure. 
Throwing a +0 out because I haven't found anything on your ban. 

i agree with triangle you name sounds familier but i cant put my finger on it so untill their's more on this its a +0 from me for now

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PropHunt: Regular x2
Murder: Regular
TTT: Regular
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So this is a strange one, can’t find any information on your ban which means that it’s likely very old and before this forum version existed. 
Four years is a long time. I think that we could give you a chance and see how you go.

If you step out of line be aware that you’ll likely end up getting banned again. I suggest reading our rules in the information section and getting to know how things work here.

+1 from me for unban

Hope to see you on the server sometime. 

Pix   Heart
I don't remember your name, or your other names, but since there is nothing coming up about your ban it's out of my grasp. However, hopefully some proof of what you did arises so an actual answer can be provided for you.

+0 for me at this moment.
[Image: original.gif]
Says you weren't banned on gBan?
Neither the steam ID given on the app nor the one that triangle posted says they got banned since the gram sites went up?
Judging by when your name changed I imagine it would be on there?

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+1 for your unban, I do remember you however I don't recall what happened. Your ban was a ULX ban that wasn't recorded properly but it's been a while since your ban was issued, come back to play but reread the rules so a ban won't happen again c:
[Image: Nicol_dumb.jpg]
[Image: reeeeeeeeeeeee_75.png]
Nothing happened here.
I'll say give you a +1 on the unban since its been four years and the reason for it and the person whom did the ban and gave no reason and no indication of the ban to occur via proof. I'm trying to remember that name since it does sound familiar and the only other things I remember is a player that was given donor by another donor and just abuse the it to the max....
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: tumblr_inline_orojs3klkO1rwons5_540.gif]
This unban request is approved. You should be unbanned now.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.

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