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derp 4 trusted part3: Staff Crusaders
(09-09-2020, 03:05 PM)Noire Wrote: Hello, hi, it is gamer Noire here with the big questions.

You say you want to be a staff member but some of the things you do currently makes staffing a real pain in the ass sometimes. I'm not telling you to not have fun, nor am I telling you that this is a minus one from me, but, I do have a few questions.

If you get accepted, I think you will be too lax. Overstaffing is an issue we have in the community, as I'm sure we all know, but you've gotta know when to have fun and fuck around and when to not. I know you've been staff before, many times, in many positions, but as I see you know I don't know if you will be able to find that happy medium when it comes to having fun and being a staff member. I, personally, have tried to use many different methods while staffing, some of which worked, others, of course, did not. While I was finding the way I wanted to staff, I realized how quickly the server can fall into chaos if you let too much go. I've seen how quickly someone will change their opinion of you if you enforce rules when they need to be enforced.

1) How will you handle situations like this? 2)Will you continue to toe the grey area of the rules? 3)Will you get serious about staffing or is this something you want to do because you feel nostalgic? (serious of course being hella relative, it's a gmod server lmao)
I like to think I know a good balance when it comes to staffing. I did it for a few years anyway lol.

When it comes to the grey area I assume you are talking about me propkilling and rdming. I only RDM people I'm friends with and if that is a problem I will gladly stop. With propkilling I generally only do it on my T round or to friends I'm propfighting. Again if either of those are problems I will stop.

3) I will be serious with staffing. The main reason I'm applying is because I often see a lack of staff often and I would like to help out with that.

When I was staff I genuinely liked it for the most part. It was fun and something different but it also helped the community I love. I guess part of it could be nostalgia, but I genuinely do want to help out again.
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Yo we have a chance to have Derp back on staff?

+100 man, is that even a question?
Why the everliving hell is someone resigning in the past a concern for applying in the present? This ain't a membership club, people can come and go and come back again...

That being said, easy +1 I've known derp since before he was even trusted
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A short reminder that some of you need to read or reread the Requirements for Commenting on Staff Apps thread.

And yes resigning doesn't really hold that big of a merit when concerning an app unless there are multiple within a short period of time.
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Welcome back to the team! App has been Accepted!
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