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Addressing Nicol Resigning in the Community
Hello everyone! Today is 431 days since I've become Admin for our TTT server and by greater extension, a leader of the community. While I've enjoyed every minute of it (yes, even the periods of toxicity and "drama". They were quite hilarious in retrospect) it is with a heavy heart I announce my formal resignation from the position of TTT Admin. 

For those looking for a dramatic and/or interesting reason for this, I am sorry to disappoint. The truth, that I have since come to realize, is that I no longer have the time I once had to dedicate to the server and community as a whole. The community deserves active and responsive leaders, of which I unfortunately can no longer be. I am glad to have found and joined this community years ago, as I have met hundreds of interesting people and made plenty of friends. Through multiple periods of drama, toxicity, and more the server has stuck through it all and I believe it will continue with the remaining community leaders as they are fantastic.

Now comes the part everyone hates where I ping a bunch of random people that I care about. Ignore it if you'd like, I couldn't care less lmao. In no particular order:

@bryanbrr & @Battons: You guys are fantastic admins and will continue to be fantastic even if you no longer have the brilliant Nicol to help you (yes I am very cool thank you). I'm proud of all you've done and know you'll both do great.

@Penguinslayer4: Hey you're kinda banned and will probably not see this, but I just wanted to thank you for everything as I wouldn't have become staff without you. Love you dummy.

Laced Xanax (fuck you, I'm not pinging you because your name changes more times than you leave the community): You were the first staff member I actually ever met playing on this server, and I've also banned you a couple of times which was pretty funny. I'm glad I've met you. PS: Ban Cartwheel they are filthy hacking scum.

@Gabe: Eat shit Gabe, I broke your record of days as Admin out of pure spite. Oh also you were an inspiration and are 100% the reason I became admin so thank you. But uhhh fuck you no sentiments here no sir. 

@Avi: Hi nurd, do you even check the forums anymore? I kinda doubt it. Thank you for teaching me everything related to being an admin and quite of lot of Discord stuff.

@Hani My favorite TTT admin no cap (besides myself, obviously, because I am very cool and great).  I'll make sure I ping you in the discord whenever Gabe is acting up and needs to be put in their place.

@Mother Nuru.: Hi angel, you're too good for this place Heart

@dong: YOOOOOO let's goooo. The best Admin duo of all time (I'm not biased in this decision at all, I have no clue what you mean). Now we'll be the best Donor+ duo of all time and there is no contest there.

@matt_st3 (Strongrule) MATT PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO EDIT THE TOP BANNER I BEG OF YOU. I WANT MY LAST ACT AS ADMIN TO BE MAKING GABE BOW TO ME. You've done a great job as Web Admin keeping this place together. No matter how much duct tape it needs. Good luck friend. 

All TTT Staff (Present & Future): There's too many of you to list here, but just know I care about you all. You've all done fantastic jobs, even if you get shit from idiots who think they know better. Always remember that it's just a game at the end of the day and we want to encourage fun over everything else. You're always able to take breaks when it becomes more than just a break. Take this advice or I'll break your kneecaps. Love you all!

Everyone else: I probably missed a ton of people, and I am sorry. I care about you all and will continue to play when I am available. Remember that it's just a game and we're all just trying to have fun.

See ya around!
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I kinda felt this was coming. Eitherway thank you Nicol for all that you gave. I’m sure others will miss you here. Take care of yourself dude and be safe in these times.
Nicol's impeachment was finally processed and he has been removed from office.

Thank you for your time Nicol, you've done the US Military a great service.
dont care if i get a warning this time

dont come back

you did good nicol you did good, we may never have talked much but it was great playing with you
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A king has hung up his coat. You'll be missed my friend <3
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Shit nigga where's my fucken personalized message, don't gimme that etc. grouping. Don't ghost me this one last time.

For real though, best of luck with your life, just dont end up like gabe
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bye, I never spoke to you before now but now's as good a time as any.
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Had a time with you mate


o7 A Farewell to Arms o7

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