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Whoops thats an Murder Admin application
(06-06-2021, 02:02 AM)Mother Nuru. Wrote: I’ve been watching how you react to certain things and people. You’re a great asset to the server and good staff member. However you still let stuff get to you too easily imo. I can promise you that you are not ready for admin. You still have a little maturing as a staff member to do and things to learn when it comes to dealing with people. Yes murder and dr admins are not as up there as ttt and ph admins, however you’re still a head of community. You have to lead by example and I think you need more time just from what I see in discord and forums, and responses here. Ill also reiterate what fish said because you never did give a clear answer, you were too caught up arguing with a player.

Why do you need admin to do the things you said? Fish and I both did these things as mods on ph.
What can you provide as an admin, that you cannot do as mod as you are now?
Why do you think you need this role?
Hello i, I'll answer everything with my all honest.

First, I want to tell why I didnt answer  Fish and Triangle said.

The only reason I didn't answer was because I just agreed.I just didn't want  to say, "yes you're right."

About playermodels maps I mean, I'll be here all the time, I can help.(I still agree I shouldn't have written this)I agree Fish and triangle 

Why do you think you need this role

I'm active everywhere, and  I could help the community and server more.

I hope I answered the questions.

I may not be ready right now .But I'll use all the criticism to improve myself
I wish everyone a good day, And ı will kindly ask someone to close this.
I think this feedbacks is enough for me.
Closed per user request.

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