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Looking For Community Input - Night Mode
Another One? Seriously?

Just a little Intro. I'm Kaptainles, from Australia and I would like to put myself forward as looking to become the 5th TTT admin. If you haven't played on server with me before I play mostly late-night TTT due to time zones. I love listening/creating Lofi Music, Anime, Photography and am a massive Avatar the Last Airbender Fan. I work in the navy and enjoy camping and hiking.

Why I want to be Admin
I think this all boils down to my want to help people. It's very much rooted in the basis of who I am. I always have ears for any issues and I want to be able to do more for TTT. I also want to improve on myself and gain more Experience/Knowledge in staffing the larger TTT issues. I definitely want to be able to work as part of a larger admin team, sharing the load and making up for different time zones. Being on the late-night has always been a part of my applications and altho this isn't an application I think it still applies here. Having a difference in playing hours from other staff has grown my experience as probably 70% of my game time has either been alone or with no higher ranks on to guide me. I will admit I have made mistakes but I feel like I have learned from them. I want to help out with the forum side of TTT more as well. Altho I do not have the greatest eye for hacking, I am somewhat known for having a good eye for alt accounts, being an Admin would help my ability to keep those people previously banned from returning and harassing the TTT community.

Staffing style
If you ask any of my friends IRL about me they will tell you I am a blunt person. I say what I honestly think. This definitely carries over to my staffing style, I'd like to think it is unbiased and objective but fair. I think people can sometimes interpret my bluntness as possible rudeness/snarkiness altho I don't mean it that way. This is definitely something I can/will work on tho I hope those players have also seen the fun side of me that I feel most players know. I have had feedback for being both too harsh/ too lenient depending on the situation by players at different times. That is because I try to take in all aspects of the situation whilst remaining within the Staff Guidelines. I try to be as fair as possible whilst remaining unbiased. It's my personal resolve to try and do the best I can at staffing. If someone questions why I slayed I always go back and double-check/triple-check the evidence and try to explain why the slay did or didn't happen. I make sure I have all the details before banning for ban requests and make sure I have enough evidence before doing my own. I will always admit my mistakes when I make them and try and learn the best I can with them. 

My Job vs staffing
As Many of you are aware I work in the navy and this means I can be away for periods of time, this is my main critic of myself and something I often question why I should bother trying for admin because of. My job mainly consists of cycles, of being away from home, then being home for a while, at this point in time I am not due for another deployment to 2023 but there is nothing guaranteed in my job, there are sometimes last-minute orders to go somewhere. I did think a lot about this and talked to some of my closest friends in the community and I can understand if this is a reason I would never be eligible for admin. If I was ever a solo admin this could be very damaging to the server and I would try and never put myself in the position to solo admin that's why an Admin team like this would be perfect for me.  I love my job, and this stems from my want to help people, I want to give back and serve my country. Personally, I think that my want to serve my country should impact my ability to become an admin but that is up for you, the community to decide.

Some Questions 
Before making this post I approached some of our current staff/players and asked for feedback, I also read other Staff/Mod applications and have come up with a list of questions to answer to hopefully address some concerns/issues you may have.

What's the Point/Need of having 5 Admins?
Firstly I want to say at this point there is no need. The Current admin team does a good job at it, they do not need me. The reason point I guess of me becoming admin is more to share the load and a wider range of admin availability times. To quote some other admin apps/un-resigns: The idea of having 1-2 admins is such a newer concept because there were always 5-6 on a team a few years back. A larger admin team allows balance responsibilities and allow for more discussions regarding changes or bigger situations. 

What Can you Bring to the Admin team?
I don't want my late night staffing to be my main selling point for this app, it is definitely a major part but it can't be all I bring to the team. So other things I can bring is my ideas and my ear for listing to people and understanding issues. My willingness and time (When I am home) to constant update and check/review different guidelines, reviews and information on the forums would also be another. As some of the other admins are currently in college/school (I don't know what Americans call it), they can afford to not worry as much about the server and maintain that balance between TTT and real-life shit as there are more admins to balance the load and reduce the "Burn out".

Would you actually be a good Admin?
At first probably not, whilst I wrap my head around the Admin position and find my feet in the role. I would be grateful to have a team of experienced admins to get knowledge from, it would be a learning curve for sure but I think I'm up to the challenge and would like to grow into an admin that people view as "good".

What do you do for the current staff team?
Currently, I handle most of the after-hours shit online. I am on call to any staff that needs me during those late hours even if I'm not in-game. I like to think that I help build up the other staff and help out with any questions/ scenarios they may ask as well as taking a step back from situations to let other staff gain experience and only intervening if asked/required or to give advice. I also feel like I'm a person people can vent to when there are things that are annoying them server related. I also do a fair amount of the ban requests that come on the forums.

Do you just want title/power associated with the rank?
Definitely not. An Admin position is not something anyone who just wants status or power should go for. You are part of the TTT image and anything you do poorly can reflect on the Admin team, the Staff team and the TTT server. It's hard work and you have to make hard decisions and not everyone is going to like them but you have to justify why to maintain transparency to the community. Admins are scrutinised more and sometimes people can't see the good that they do for the server. 

Do you have much experience in Lua or the backside of house stuff (Weapon Changes and Hitbox's Etc)
Not much I will admit but it's definitely something I want to learn more about. Definitely a goal of mine. I've been attempting to redo the hitboxes for the SCP skin with not much success. I would like to learn more and contribute more to the TTT Dev team so we can bring more content to the TTT server.

What would you change being admin/what plans do you have for TTT/what are your immediate focus points for server improvement?
Me personally, I don't have Plans/ things I would change if I became an admin. As I think it's not the right mentality to have as Admin, you are a part of a wider staffing team, not a solo person charging in to fix all the mistakes/wrongs of TTT. All I can do is champion some ideas and focus areas that I think would be beneficial to the Team and get multiple opinions and agreeance before acting upon anything. Some areas of focus I would like to attend to are Staff Training and some of the rules around Racism on the server. 

How much will you stray into the affairs of other servers?
As I am not staff in the other servers, I would not want to stray or overstep in any way, I have made it clear that Altho I am happy to help out PH staff whenever they request it (Catching ghosters and shit) I like staffing on TTT and that's where I will stick for now. I've always viewed dinks as a wider community and will definitely help whenever asked but I won't actively go out of my way to staff in places where I'm not staff.

How have you learnt from previous mistakes you've made on the server?
My two main recent ones are:

1) The Min Age thread Read Here
From this, I learnt not to bring my IRL Concerns/issues into the game. Focusing a bit more on reducing the toxicity and slurs, making TTT safer for people of all ages.

2) The Veil and Shaye Ban Read Here
From this, I improved my "teaming experience" you could say, Ironically I actually have seen another scenario like this one between guests but remembering this ban I asked some questions instead of just using the evidence to ban, turns out One had played TTT before the other hadn't had much experience and just tried to help his friend, The guy who had played before told me he would better explain the rules. Didn't have an issue the rest of the night. No ban was issued. Another time it was like one player wanted to team, but the inno that got revived didn't want to be revived/team. So I think I have grown from this incident and am more on top of the teaming part of the rules. 

My passion for the community hasn't changed since I became trusted, and I would very much like the chance to take that passion to the next level. I think now is the ideal time to put this in, as community feedback will be the best because there is no need for another admin. Let me know any Questions, Quires, Critiques, Encouragements and ways I can improve being a better staff member.
It might not be my right to comment on this considering I am partially biased. I will do my best to not include anything that is favoring or non favoring in this post. I'll keep it to the point and as straight forward as I can.

I don't know if the Admin team could use someone else. I know that it definitely can't hurt to have a bigger team to spread the work load and provide more input in large changes to TTT.
If the possibility for another Admin arises then I believe even with the interesting time windows that your work provides that you would be 100% suitable considering everything I've seen from you in recent months. 

You're responsible with your duties, fair in your decisions and punishments. You're very active in sweeping the TTT ban requests clean. I see you primarily handling them. This isn't saying that no one else does it, this is me saying that you take on a chunk of them and seem to react fairly in concerns to everyone of them that I've seen thus far. Gban's site certainly has your name there a few times.

I've seen you work hard at being a team player when other staff are around and helping anyone who happens to need anything considering questions and issues. You're one of the staff members that other staff members can routinely be seen asking questions and wanting your opinion/guidance on situations. You have experience that you offer all of the newer staff or even some of the older staff.

It is in my opinion that you would be a great candidate for moving on to Admin whether that is for me to say or not. You certainly have my vote.

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Most of the stuff you've said here can already be done as a Mod, including getting rid of people who alt evade. You can IP ban as an Admin, yes, but thanks to VPNs it's become basically obsolete.

You don't really stand out to me. At all. You do your duties as a Mod and Discord Helper but it pretty much ends there for me. My only memorable interaction with you was once when you took a report that was already looked at by another staff member who had no problem with the contents (considering it was a forgiven joke report) and warned me. When asked why you overstepped not only that staff member, but the Admin that was on who also had no problem with it (although I was a bit rude towards you,) I found no response.

I just don't think you're ready at this time.
liking anime is a MAJOR -1........... but you are active in an unusual time (relative to most players) and I see you popping those ban requests daily so +1 on that

what would you do differently as an admin?
I agree with Laced and Forest, With Mod you gain significant amount of powers from the get-go and IP bans are just useless because of the accessibility of VPNs so that's not a good reason that I would go for Admin myself in my opinion.

You've done a pretty significant job as a moderator and you should be proud that you are a mod in the first place and you don't necessarily have to be a admin to do some behind the scene work, you can just give valid input and or opinions to the admins and your voice will still be heard.
Hell you can be a basic trusted and be the most effective staff member without ever asking for a promotion and "Some areas of focus I would like to attend to are Staff Training and some of the rules around Racism on the server. " You don't necessarily need to be an admin to train/mentor a new staff member or returning staff members and to change some of the rules/philosophy surrounding Racism on the server, like I've said you can give your input or can make a community wide discussion which can bring more attention to the subject.
I can understand that being an Admin you have more control on the matter and have a higher voice but don't be discouraged to not speak out your opinions and advice because you're not an admin.

You're a very passionate staff member of the community and it shows to everyone involved staff or not that should something you have to be proud of yourself for.

If you get it, congratulations.
if you don't, don't sweat keep doing what you've been doing and maybe go for it again if you truly want that achievement.

Best of luck dude.
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Despite it not being how you want it to sound, allegedly, really alls you bring to the table is a time difference. And more often than not, nothing is majorly pressing at the hours that everyone is 100% not available at night, so it really doesn't sound like you'd do much more than you're currently doing as mod, but would have that snazzy title. Just don't think there's a need for more than four, four was already pressing. Keeping as mod is spreading most of the workload for admins as it is, so they don't have to do banning/unbannings as much and can focus on backend, which seems to be doing great. Just don't want a too many chiefs, not enough indians moment.
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-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
I personally don't think we need another admin at the moment. It seems to be working just fine with the current amount. The job of admin is to maintain a positive community impact with updates, and guiding staff members into the right path while also maintaining a positive connection to every regular player. I do not see working graveyard shift as a reason for you getting admin as you can just ban and properly warn people as a mod. To be honest, your application does not really stand out to me like the other admins. I am not saying your a bad person at all, you are really friendly, just that I think your fine as a mod and not admin
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(09-14-2021, 03:47 PM)bunniey Wrote: Despite it not being how you want it to sound, allegedly, really alls you bring to the table is a time difference. And more often than not,  nothing is majorly pressing at the hours that everyone is 100% not available at night, so it really doesn't sound like you'd do much more than you're currently doing as mod, but would have that snazzy title.
Really good way to put it, and I definitely agree, however acidic that may be. In my opinion, any staff rank is what you make of it. I enjoyed the privilege of getting to work with the dev team not long after I was trusted, not because I was a particularly good staff member or anything, but because I wanted to help the community in a way I was good at. That’s really what matters, not the rank you hold or the powers you have. If you want to have the same impact as an admin, you absolutely can in your current position, it’s already there—you simply have to take it.
I also agree that the main benefit of you being admin would be that you could get on late at night isn’t that great of a reason to go for/have such a position. For me, I believe the only room for an additional admin (which I really don’t believe there is as of right now) that would make me throw my support in would be a 3rd admin focused on back-end development, but even that isn’t really necessary. Ban requests and getting on a bit is good, but there’s definitely more of a community-driven aspect than getting the job done. At this time, I’m really not sure you posses that, but I am really sure that another admin would not provide a benefit. This is no fault nor shortcoming of your own, simply a symptom of a highly active and well structured community.

Good luck.
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You're a very perceptive, patient, and nice person who can put up with a lot from people without getting noticeably upset. You also help to fill a time gap by living on the opposite side of the planet. These are all positive traits that you're fully capable of exhibiting with the resources currently available to you. I don't see what purpose becoming an admin would serve other than to change the color of your name.
I am sowwy fow youw smaww buwge due tew being staff. I wiww be suwe tew bwing dis ishew up wif ouw management team tew enshuwe dat we can potentiawwy wesowve dis ishew so yew and uddew pwayews do nawt face such ciwcumcision again in teh futuwe. Fank yew

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Why the RDM and Leave Rule is Dumb
(09-14-2021, 07:59 AM)Laced Xanax Wrote: My only memorable interaction with you was once when you took a report that was already looked at by another staff member who had no problem with the contents (considering it was a forgiven joke report) and warned me. When asked why you overstepped not only that staff member, but the Admin that was on who also had no problem with it (although I was a bit rude towards you,) I found no response.

Response to laced
My apologies for the none response. I wrongly assumed you were doing an ASAB bit and didn't actually want a response. If you still want a response it is: I think why I warned was due to my consistency as staff. If I warn a guest for Slurs in Reports I'm going to warn a Donor for the same issue. The rules and guidelines are something that applies to all players whether they be a new guest or long time staff and everything in between. I don't think I overstepped on anyone (Admin included) as I would have messaged Admin chat saying that I was either "Going to warn" or "Asking if the other staff wanted me to do the warn" as I dislike multiple staff warning the same thing so I always try to deconflict warns with multiple staff on. If other staff had an issue with me warning you for slurs in reports It would have been brought up then. Warning for Slurs in reports has always been something I have done and will continue to do until rules are changed. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to message me anytime. 

(09-14-2021, 01:29 PM)Forest King Wrote: what would you do differently as an admin?

Response to Forest
I don't know if you asking about me personally what would I do differently or server-side what would I do differently So I will answer both. 

What would I do personally differently if I was given the chance to be an admin?
Firstly Id take on all the advice given to me in this feedback, working towards what more I can bring to the team (Apart from just being night staff as I know that isn't enough, as i wrote originally), A lot of the advice I've been given so far is to learn more of the back of house stuff so I recently Joined the TTT Dev team and are going to be learning as much as I can towards the Halloween and Christmas events. Id work on more community engagement as this is hard for me as I mainly only get exposure to the people playing in the later hours. If I did get admin I would constantly be updating guides and information on the forums and looking into rule changes/other issues the community brings up (as part of the greater admin team). 

What would I do differently if I was an admin compared to the current Admins/Admins of past?
As far as the admins of the past I cannot say too much of as I do not know their staffing style, As far as being different from the current admins, I don't think I would want to be, the purpose of me being an admin at this point of time would be to learn under the current admin, take from their individual styles and build into my own as an admin, rather than waiting till we had little or no admins then being thrown in the deep. Gaining experience adminning under a large pool of experience rather than just 1 or 2 other admins. 

General Response to the feedback so far
I definitely acknowledge the fact that there is no need for another admin, Hense the reason for the community feedback at the moment. I also agree with the fact that just being "Night staff is not a good enough reason for getting admin. The feedback point of needing to stand out more is definitely something to work on, I will work on learning more backend server shit and trying to myself more involved and well known with the players that play in the morning. I believe I bring good leadership skills to the staff team and am always trying to bring out the best in the staff. I add that Id like to think that I am a decently well-known contact for people on TTT to come to with questions or queries about rules, complaints or any issues.

Please keep the feedback coming as every person's input matters to me. And its going to shape the staff member I want to be so I can earn your support in the future.
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