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Alright fish, I put the mouth where the money is
Ingame Name: Oscar Zahn/Oscar Zahn (milly)
Previous Names: MillyDily (+25 variations) SkullFaceJames, RunicTears (+ a few variations), NicoMisang, [test]Viva La Vida. and probably many more i may  have just forgotten

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:418964902

Time Played: 613.9 hours
[Image: player_time.png]

When First Joined: 15/9/18 (i believe)

Availability: I can not name an exact time

Rank Desired: Trusted

Current Rank: Donor

What can you do to help the community?: Prevent ghosting by recording the situation when it happens, Stop mic/chat spam aswell as other tomfoolery.

Why do you want to help the community?: Yes as this thread is just inspite of what fish said, but I am capable of helping another server and I am willing to help

Have you previously been banned?: 
>unban request
I don't know

Have you previously applied for staff?: It's so cringe looking at my old threads and this has to be to me the worst and most regrettable one
Skullfacejames's staff app 

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots?: I use both OBS and Gyazo

How did you find us?: !hop

Other: I'm not that good with words.

[Image: d4d58223e35d6fcc06decb48c411ea1f.png]
[Image: Editor16.gif?width=593&height=492]
[Image: Bummerland.gif]

funny ryzini
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"I keep my legos at home. 'cause I wanna move out, I don't wanna move on." - AJR
"Trashed my own house party because nobody came" - sum 41
"The choice was mine, I didn't think enough" - Blink-182
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Guess I’ll throw my words in. I supported your Tmod app and you’ve surely proven you’ve done well with the rank. I’m curious if you’re really active enough to apply right now for PH. Due to a massive amount of name changes it’s hard to keep track of your real activity and I’m not entirely sure if you’ve been consistent enough at this point in time to really go forward with this app. 

That’s really one of my only concerns at the moment. Otherwise I really have no issue with this app. I would rather wait to answer to see if you can find your activity for the last month because honestly it’s hard to keep up without thousand name changes lol 

Long as you have the activity and consistency I have no issue supporting this app. DR and PH are decently different as far as staffing goes but I think you could do it. Neutral until proper activity is proven. Too tired to look into 25+ names at the moment. Dead from work. Rip Ryzif

*Going back through now that my brain isn't super fried. Doesn't seem like a lot of effort was thrown in here, you don't really have enough time and in reality this doesn't seem like a serious app. All that being said I can't really support it. Many others are right, you're staff. You know how to make an app and if you really had any intention of truly applying you would already have the time to back it up. There would have been actual effort in this if it was serious. Try shit posting next time you want to do something like this. Memeing is fun but come on dude. Sorry man. -1
[Image: hellsing-alucard.gif]
[Image: 6jCIuUl.gif]
+1 Deathrun has been dead lately for some reason and Milly is active in literally every Dinks server and the Discord, they usually get on late at night which is when the server is in the most disarray, which we also need a lot more staff for PH especially later in the day.
Nazu~ <3
Kicking ass in games since 03'
[Image: 64aaecee33faa152c24e3177fbb85ecb.png]
[Image: 8ff10353f1aebd3e2bd9e881d21e2c50.png]
I do not support this application. You can get angry very easy , You were just arguing with someone yesterday even some people told you to knock it off. When you play on murder server, you can react so angry when people warn or punish you .

My only concern is that you can't control your anger.That should be something you can work on.

Good luck(I type this one my phone sorry if I misspelled something lmao)
I went through listed names and on activity alone there's not enough unless you can list all names in the last month. I could easily find it but I'm lazy.
You can come across as annoying easily to people because you nitpick or make untimely jokes. Whether you mean to or not, isn't the issue, it's the fact that it happens. When you're corrected on servers for something or in channels, you tend to get upset, mad, and have a mini lash out.
I enjoy you as a person, and I enjoy the talks we have almost daily. However as for staff on one of the bigger servers where people are honestly a complete plague, you're not ready.
If this was murder you'd have a decent 50/50 chance if you could get the anger/annoyance at things under control honestly. But for PH -1.
There are three big problems I see with this app

1) The activity level in ph is non existent. I know you poke around in discord but you were never in server for the longest time.

2) The amount of effort that went in to this app is poor at best, like it was made in 5 minutes 

3) Kind of goes with 2, the ONLY reason this exists is to "prove" to Fish that you can make an app. I doubt you have intentions to actually staff our server. Basically this is an elaborate shit post in my honest opinion. 

Also what Norm said also concerns me greatly, can not speak for this myself since I don't play the server you've played on..... 

So -1, put effort into playing and wanting to staff on PH rather then calling out a sarcastic bluff
Ex TTT Mod Dec 14, 2019 - Dec 14, 2019
Ex PH Mod April 14, 2019 - January 20, 2020
PH Mod May 9, 2020 - Present
Proud member of the RDMS

Love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night
Love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under Pressure
I am honestly disappointed, as a staff member you're supposed to be an example for the community not just the server you have staff on.  
There was so little effort put into this application and to put this application in for the meme essentially is a poor example to set for other members of the community. 
Obviously I have Zero support for you being PH Trusted and am starting to question my own decision of promoting you to DR TestMod. 
I highly suggest you take applications more serious next time, or put it in shitposting
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
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[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_ffffff_000000.png]
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_ffffff_000000.png]
I completely agree with Norm on this your temper gets out of control a lot even though I do not staff ph or any server but TTT I can agree with what was said 

 -1  just get better at calming down in the future and catching yourself before u go off on someone, It happened to me and I’m still trying to improve. You are already a good tmod just improve on some parts and u will be just fine

 and this frl did seem like a big shitpost ngl…
This is no way a form of harassment, all individuals that post a request to join the staff team undergo ALL types of evaluations be character, game performance or community engagement.
This is post undergoes all terms and conditions of forums, along with guidelines for the community.
So, you created a staff application over a joke. How does this prove anything other than you didn't do this for the community but rather for self indulgence. You consistently show little control over knowing when you need to let things rest. This is one of those times you should have let the joke die in PH chat. Now you look pretentious after making a comment like that and posting a staff application that looks like it took you very little time to fill out. This, in my opinion, is hurting your reputation here at this community, and on top of that shows how immature you can act at times. You have been doing so well helping Murder with their pointshop addons and pushing for player activity on Deathrun. Now, you go and do this and it completely negates all positive things you have done. They say, "You can compliment someone one thousand times, but say one thing negative and they will remember it forever." I personally understand you are a different type of person, because my family has dealt with things of this sort for a long time now. That does not excuse the fact that you are in control of your actions before you hit post, or hit enter.
On to some more stuff. As a staff member you have been trained and watched how others communicate and handle themselves properly which you have shown to do poorly on PH/MDR, but completely opposite on DR. I'm unsure why that currently is, or maybe the fluctuation of players overloads you a little bit. If someone is bringing you evidence on another player, you send them to the forums and tell them to fill out a ban request. If you have access to a WILLING staff member to get them the evidence from REPORTEE to STAFF, it is acceptable to use that route within reason. You know this, but yet announce otherwise. I cannot understand why or how you see PH vs DR/MDR as a place to act different. I witnessed you argue with a high staff member because I pushed you off a building for 2 minutes... For those that know you from DR or those that see your tags in Discord know you are a staff member and it reflects badly on the community in the view of who staff pick to be staff. It's an insult to act otherwise because of how much time and thought gets put into these applications on a regular basis. From trusted all the way to admin, everyone takes time out of their day to respond here. You know this PERSONALLY from being staff as well! This is very disappointing for some staff/players and I can only hope for your growth and maturity from this point on. I hope you haven't burned bridges with your current staffing position, but it isn't completely unwarranted.
Excitement and fun cannot be at the expense of others. I learned this after years of doing things I regret now. On top of that someone recently hit me up for something I cannot state here, sent by you from a VC which looks EXTREMELY poorly on you as a staff member. It has already been handed to those that need to see it, and that are also familiar with my past. Please reframe from doing that now or in the future.
I hope to see you do better in the future but you have made a very bad decision today.
P.S You wanted to see how shit it would go, now you have seen...
I’m not gonna unload a mag like everyone else did, but you have an attitude issue from what I’ve seen. I don’t hardly interact with you, so that’s all I can really say. If you wanted to prove Fish a point for the meme this should’ve definitely been in shitposting :/
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 TTT Admin
 DR Test Mod
Former Discord Moderator
3x TTT Staff: and 2x TTT Admin: April 2018 - February 2019, January 2020 - December 2020, August 2021-Present
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