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Super Milk Chan for Test Mod
In game Name: 
    Super Milk Chan

Steam ID: 

Time Played:
    302 hours 

    [Image: unknown.png]

When First Joined: 
    June 21, 2022.

   -Time zone (GMT+11)

   -Evenings/Nights, 9PM Most days
   -Sometimes I will very infrequently have to deal with a lot at work & I will be gone for a week or so (1-3 times a year)

Rank Desired:
    Test Mod

Current Rank:

What can you do to help the community?:
    I can continue to help in the same way I have been Just with some extra fie power to do a beater job in particular apply a day ban on the spot so I don't have to spend hours dealing
troublemakers as they avoid punishment & let other troublemakers get away with what there doing since I'm to tied up dealing with one person or grope. 
    (This has happened quite a few times & I see it been a problem in the future wen help is not available if I don't have the tools to beater deal with it.)

Why do you want to help the community?:
    In my last application I mentioned That the main reason I wanted to become staff was due to a experience I had wen a user came to me for help this got me interested in staffing
    & is still very much the case just with more experiences in the mater it makes me feel well liked in the community.
    Of cores staffing puts a few targets on your back as well but this has been water off a ducks back & I do not have any grudges.

    Other then that I have become quite interested in developing for the game/community & optioning higher positions would really help with that Quite a lot.

Have you previously been banned?:
    Yes 3 time's & I am proud of all of them

    [Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]

    [Image: unknown.png]

    In all seriousness no I have not been banned.

Have you previously applied for staff?:
    Yes Link Trusted

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots?:
    Yes I record with OBS & Post my videos to a interne
t archiver for long term storage .

How did you find us?:
    By completely random chance.

    I would like to preemptively address a problem my recant activity on the server has been in the background working on sever/staff related problems that only staff members are aware of so my
    game tracker time looks a bit low but just know I have been putting quite a bit of work & time into the community behind the scenes.

Edit I did not mean to post this just yet I was supposed to save this as a draft & the plan was to post it at the end of the month I apologies to anyone who saw the half baked copy of this app I rush the finish it & it is now done.
Hello, Super Milk. 

As I'm sure you and several others know, I do not regularly play Prop Hunt; however, I HAVE had interactions with you both on the forums and sometimes in the Discord, so I will be working under the assumption that you are similar in mannerism on server as you are in these contexts. 

Looking back at your ban requests you've made, I can clearly see that you have taken what was said to you on August 30th by Possum (to get 1st person perspective for ghosting evidence). That might seem minor and trivial to some people, but to me that shows you're willing to take feedback and apply it to be better at what you're doing. 

I like that you're not afraid to defend yourself and stand by your initial statements if someone has challenged your views (look here at posts #13 and #15 for said challenge of what was being said, then your response on post #19). With that in mind, I can also assume that you're not a pushover on server and that is something that you have to NOT be in order to be successful as staff. If you're a pushover, the server will just walk all over you and it'll be chaos.

Unless there are major in-game concerns that I'm not aware of due to lack of engagement, I'd say that this individual can do a fine job as a Test-Mod.

+1; best of luck on your app.
@"Salty"  This was supposed to be saved as a draft lmao I was planning on posting this at the end of the month lmao let me just finish it up then by editing my app sorry to anyone who sees the unfinished copy before I update it I guess we're doing this now instead of the end of the month like I was planning
I haven't been on in like a month, but Milk is a really cool person that actually cares and wants to help, and from what I remember they staffed well.

+1 and goodluck
[Image: image.png]
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Smells like I will get teleported around the map if this gets approved.

Anyways with the performance I have seen I believe you will do good as Tmod.  More specific details are for staff or more regular players to give but looking through some of your ban requests I believe you are ready.

+1 but don't ban me :)
[Image: unknown.png]
@"Wilfry" Just don't tell possum I'm going to teleported you around
I don’t play ph like I used to, just  look at the  effort he puts into PH. no-brainer +1
+1 from me. I don't really ever play prop hunt, but have been interacting with Super Milk increasingly often to work on fixing up the relay bots, and it's clear he's easy and enjoyable to work with, and is invested in the wellbeing of the community. I wish I could speak more concretely to how he is staffing on the server, but from what I've seen through ban requests, behaviour on the forums and Discord, and work put in to improve the server, he is well deserving of the extra responsibility.

Of course, I am interested to hear what the people who regularly play prop hunt with Super Milk have to say, but I can't imagine there being many negative takes. Good luck my friend
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No brainer +1. As others have reiterated, he’s a very welcoming and helpful person around the community who is involved with dev stuff which is very much appreciated and possibly the same welcoming and helpful person but also a welcoming face for prop hunt players as well. Same experience as others where I have not had interactions with you, BUT is without a doubt worthy of becoming Tmod! Good luck!

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Def a +1 from me!!!
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