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bab? bablication.
In-game Name:


Discord Tag:

Amount of time I've played:
380 hours. 

When I first joined:
I started actively playing in June of last year.

My timezone is CST. I am usually on in the later afternoon/night as my sleep schedule is currently destroyed. :')

Current rank:

Rank desired: 

What can I do to help the community?:

I've realized over the past few weeks that my role as 'Trusted' isn't quite enough to keep the servers at peace during incredibly chaotic times by myself anymore, which has been a common occurrence lately, especially with me being on late at night. With further responsibilities and commands, such as the ability to teleport those who are stuck and being able to karma ban people who are, say, mass RDMing, among other things, while there is no one available to hop on to deal with it beyond what I've been capable of, I'll be able to play my part in the community more impactfully than I currently am.

Why do I want to help the community?:

As I said in my last application, I have fallen in love with the community and that's still true. I am still incredibly grateful for everyone that I've had the chance to meet and become friends with during my time on the server, so many people in the community have shown me a lot of kindness in times when I genuinely needed it. So of course, I'd still like to help keep up the friendly, safe, and fun environment that I've grown very accustomed to for as long as possible.

Link to my previous staff application:

Have I been banned before?
I have never been banned or warned.

Did I fill out the required scenario questions for the rank that I am applying for?:
Yes. :)

I would like to mention that the reason for my lack of ban requests on the forums is that I usually reach out to higher-up staff members to handle bans and such if they are available, which saves a whole lot of time over having to fill out an entire forum.

and finally. bab.
[Image: image.png?ex=65e80f5b&is=65d59a5b&hm=c93...53f664e47&]
bab? bab.

obvious +1. Good staff member would do even gooder staff member things with a gooder staff rank
TTT Staff | TMod Blush  9/15/21 - 11/12/21, 10/28/22 - 3/16/2023, 11/9/2023 -

Never Forget

=[Image: damien.jpg]
she do great as tmod a kind soul for the server.


[Image: 46713d688f8087b1f2d3b92a79d7afea.png]

Future owner  :D
+1 bab is here
[Image: p2tO5Im.png]
+1 bab is indeed here and per guts, help!
[Image: frieren-fall-winter.jpeg]
Bab STINKS! She is very fun to play with. +1 for T-Mod
Late night shenanigans go wild with bab. Excellent staff member, and from what I heard, she’s been ready for a while.
yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!

legitimately one of the best, friendliest staff we have, isn't afraid to ask for help when she doesn't know something, etc etc make her blue NOW +1
+1 I guess she is ok and I guessss she does an ok job as staff when I am on
Haven't seen any downsides only upsides +1
It is not okay to literally tell people their opinions are wrong because they disagree.

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