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[TTT] Maps to Remove

I've heard several people suggest the removal of some of the maps currently on the server. So I thought I'd make a thread to specifically address this in one place. This is in no way official and has no guarantee to remove any maps whatsoever. Here's a list of the current maps. Correct me if I'm missing any.

Current Map List:
  • ttt_67thway_v14
  • ttt_aircraft_v1b
  • ttt_amsterville_2015
  • ttt_asylum_v3f
  • ttt_avalanched
  • ttt_avalon
  • ttt_bank_b13
  • ttt_bank_b3
  • ttt_bb_canalwarehousev2_r3
  • ttt_bb_schooldayv3_r3
  • ttt_bikinibottom_v1b
  • ttt_borealis
  • ttt_canyon_a4
  • ttt_casino_b2
  • ttt_clocktown_v1
  • ttt_cloverfield_b4
  • ttt_community_bowling_v5a
  • ttt_community_pool_2017_b14
  • ttt_countrytrain_b5
  • ttt_cruise
  • ttt_crummycradle_a4
  • ttt_datmap_dinks
  • ttt_dimmsdale_v1e
  • ttt_dog
  • ttt_eclipse_v3
  • ttt_existential_d
  • ttt_facility
  • ttt_fastfood_d
  • ttt_floodlights
  • ttt_fragmentation
  • ttt_frozen_prison
  • ttt_hairyhouse
  • ttt_hotline_miami_dv2
  • ttt_innocentmotel_b6
  • ttt_innocentmotel_sm
  • ttt_intergalactic
  • ttt_island_2013
  • ttt_lost_temple_v2
  • ttt_magma_v2b
  • ttt_mc_dolls_xn
  • ttt_minecraft_b5
  • ttt_minecraft_mythic_r2
  • ttt_mouse_house_nospam
  • ttt_mttresort_v2
  • ttt_museum_heist_v6
  • ttt_office_b1
  • ttt_orange_v7_dinks
  • ttt_parkhouse
  • ttt_plaza_b7
  • ttt_production
  • ttt_projectsuburb_final
  • ttt_rats_kitchen_noboom
  • ttt_richland_fix
  • ttt_rivercliff
  • ttt_rooftops_2016_v1
  • ttt_rookgaard
  • ttt_shocked_a6
  • ttt_ski_resort_a1
  • ttt_skytower_b1-1
  • ttt_space_station_edit
  • ttt_stadium
  • ttt_storehouse_b7
  • ttt_terrortown
  • ttt_terrortrain2018_final
  • ttt_terrortrain_2019_b1
  • ttt_vannah
  • ttt_vault
  • ttt_vessel
  • ttt_waterworld_remastered
  • ttt_whitehouse_v9
  • ttt_wintermansion_beta2
  • zm_roy_the_ship
along with two maps that aren't in rotation xmas_lodge and xmas_nipperhouse

In my opinion, some of the maps that could be removed in place of newer maps could be terrortrain2019, innocentmotel_b6, and bank_b3 as they are lesser duplicates of other maps. Some other maps see barely any play like fragmentation, production, office, and parkhouse. But put your thoughts below.
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Innomotel b6 terrortrain 19 whatever is the bad bank too and avalanched
[Image: ez6anzMsTsOig1CuQzhf_Q.png][Image: 83AC9406D35B2C5AC6A969C5979AEDFD7A42291E]
old bank, borealis, terror train2019, minecraft b5, avalanched, and vessel

Edit:Almost forgot avalon and old innomotel
[Image: Screenshot_105.png]
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vessel: roy the ship but lame and spamy horn
shocked: dumb and shit
rookgaard: meh
mc mythic: i havent seen this in 4ever
facility: i have never seen this map
fragmentation: dont know what this one is
existential: way too long when camping at the end of that one branch
borialis: get lost on a boat is reserved for the navy
I know for fact one of the innocent motel maps cause huge fps drop and kills the server off if not rtv'd. I'd say start with removing the blatently bad ones (bugged maps that kill fps)

Also looking at that list you can see multi versions of the SAME map, what is this maddness, if you were to remove the older/non played versions, that would clear up SO much room for new maps and less loading times...
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Dont remove old inno motel
thats my favorite map
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cloverfield, countrytrain, and datmap_dinks
(11-25-2019, 01:08 AM)Dezツ Wrote: cloverfield, countrytrain, and datmap_dinks

I disagree with cloverfield, as it's been a staple map that has been in the rotation for years. While this shouldn't make it immune to being removed, there isn't really anything wrong with the map. Unless we're going to just remove dark maps, I think there are far better options.

I don't really care about datmap and countrytrain. I could be fine with Countrytrain, since the viewdistance and rendering on that map are pretty dated in a bad way. But I don't think datmap needs to be removed. Only real con is the layout could be tricky to navigate,  unless you know the map very well.

I think Vessel should stay as well. It's also one of those staple maps we've had for awhile, and the only real issue about that map is the Horn. Maybe the lower portion of the boat can be tricky, but I think it goes back to datmap. It's really not that hard to navigate through. Don't see a real issue having RoyTheShip and Vessel in the same rotation.

My Top 3 Maps to Remove are as followed.
  1. ttt_shocked
  2. ttt_floodlights
  3. ttt_borealis
  • I know shocked occasionally had buggy spawn points with the player pods. Map is fairly big if I recall, and I believe was a nightmare to navigate through, even with a radar.
  • Floodlights doesn't really have great map flow imo. Add the annoying light mechanic, and explosive barrels everywhere in the spawn. Just an annoying map to play on.
  • How tf dis borealis get added? This map has no rearm, and is just not a great TTT Map. I've struggled so many times navigating this map. If not for the jumppack, I probably wouldn't know where to go. Bringing Vessel and RoyTheShip back up, both maps are by far the better Ship Maps to play on. This one is just not enjoyable at all. Borealis should be at the top of the list of maps to be removed.
This is just my opinion, but I think the maps I listed should be pulled. Probably didn't make that many great points, but I generally looked for the maps that I had the least fun experience playing on. And those were the 3 I managed to find.
If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
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Bring back pc world Sad
remove borealis and for gods sake stop making the first fucking map after crash 67th way

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