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a slightly nicer dumpster
Ingame Name: Unfortunatepossum 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:521089793
Time Played: 618.5 Hours.
When First Joined: Nov 10, 2019.

[Image: player_time.php?nameb64=dW5mb3J0dW5hdGVw...5418624268] [Image: player_time.php?nameb64=dW5mb3J0dW5hdGVw...2987289336]

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): Normally available M-F 12pm-5pm somedays and 5pm-2am on others. Saturdays and Sundays have open times as long as I'm not out in the woods. EST.

Rank Desired: Moderator 

Current Rank: Test-mod

What can you do to help the community? : I have kept a cool head under pressure and when things get heated. I know my limits, if I need help I’m not scared to ask for it. I can spot sus players most of the time rather quickly and therefore take care of any issues in an efficient manner. Helping new players learn to play, teaching them the rules, and showing them the world of Dinks comes second nature to me now. 

Why do you want to help the community? : Yet again there has been an influx of troll teams, hackers, and not so nice people coming into the server in waves (one in particular that has gained multiple perma-bans). I still want this server to be a safe and friendly place for others to escape to and have fun. I believe it is the next course of action for me to join our awesome Mod team. (even if they are a bunch of neeeerds <3) Any and all constructive criticisms are welcome!

Have you ever previously been banned? : Negative.

Have you previously applied for staff : Trusted app: 

Test Mod app:

How did you find us? : It was only server that loaded in when I first joined. Found friends and now you're stuck with me.

Other: I just want to keep the community safe and a fun place to play and try to have a little fun myself along the way. 
[Image: 106668096_10216416512356508_912181100602...e=602E4EF1]


This is a no brainer!

This is the best possum we have on the team, she is an amazing t-mod and deserves her nice dumpster immediately.

Possum is diligent, smart, fun, knowledgeable and fair. Some may say shes too harsh, i say pwah. Get lost with that attitude. Possum lays down the law when appropriate and knows when to shut things down. Possum keeps the community safe and fun for our younger players and has the patience of a saint.

Biggest +1 I can possibly give.

Good luck wifey <3
"Your voice has resting bitch face"
-Travis, 2020
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My favourite dumpster puppy-

This is a solid +1

You handle situations incredibly well, you have a right attitude when dealing with trolls and such. You are very fun to play with in server which is a good balance for the staffing that'll need to be done! You know when its appropriate to make jokes and when not to.
I hope to see that blue tag next to your name! Love ya Possy! Good luck!
"Geb is as innocent as a Grim Reaper... Just without a sharp stick." 
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As you are one of the more active Tmods we have, there's no doubt in my mind that you can handle the position of Moderator. 

You do well at diffusing conflict situations on server, and know when to let the heated person fizzle out or to take action. 

You voice your opinion when concerns or misunderstanding arise, and that communication is very much necessary within the upper part of the staff regime (I like the word regime, it sounds classy). 

You balance real world and game world well, and I don't have the concern of you burning out any time soon. 

Thank you for your contributions thus far, and I look forward to working with you more in the future. 

TL : DR  +1 get that chrome dumpster 
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I've been fairly active on PH for the past couple of weeks and Possum is one of the staff members I've been able to play alongside frequently. Possum has remained calm when trolling groups have come on the server, knowing how to not take what they might throw seriously. Possum seems to have an innate ability for catching ghosters as well, and is more than willing to hop into spectator mode to gather evidence against them. Joining the staff team at the beginning of May 2020, Possum also has a ton of experience that will help the transition to moderator.
Big no brainer!
Possum is such a wonderful person. You know when and how to handle situations quickly and efficiently. You're also there to lend a helping hand to other staff members.
I hope to see you in the dark blue team! C:
[Image: giphy.webp]
[Image: PNWs9rg.png]
Possum is willing and capable as well as not being an asshole unless needing to be. Meets all requirements and has good activity. +1
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.
Hello possum, Thanks for Applying!

I have been around to see growth from the start, from trusted to tmod, to now. You've grasped what it is to handle multiple situations and have established your own way of dealing with each situation in your own possum way. From what I know, there's never been a problem with how you handle a crowd and your side of commands. I try to see if there might've been any improvements I could point out, but I can't say I have any to point out. Possum, you've helped out alot in blue and I'm sure you'll be helpful in green .

it's a (+1) from me, keep up the good work.
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Ex TTT Mod Dec 14, 2019 - Dec 14, 2019
Ex PH Mod April 14, 2019 - January 20, 2020
PH Mod May 9, 2020 - Present
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Sorry I’m late to the party here

I’ve always thought of you as a great asset to our team and you’ve grown and learnt so much as you’ve moved through the ranks. I think it’s only natural for you to take the next step to Mod!!

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