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Subject: Moderator Application
Dear Dinkleberg community members,
I hope this forum post finds you well. Attached below is my moderator application for Dinkleberg's TTT | Fast Downloads! | Staff Needed. Please read it thoroughly and reply with any feedback or comments you may have. Thanks in advance!
Warm regards, Saylor Twift.


Ingame Name: Saylor Twift

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40087903

Discord Tag: saylortwiftz
Time Played: Around 1600 hours
When First Joined: Late 2014, started playing consistently around early 2022
Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): Same as last staff app, don’t have much going on right now so anytime EST/EDT
Rank Desired: Moderator
Current Rank: Tmod
What can you do to help the community: I’m pretty active on the server right now and with the additional responsibility/powers that come with moderator I could help maintain the quality of the server and help with threshold bans/ban requests on the forums.
Why you want to help the community: Touched on this in my previous applications but I’ll repeat some of my thoughts. I like how the server is set up and has that vanilla TTT feel and the community is pretty chill compared to others I’ve tried.  I really do enjoy this community and want to see everyone else enjoy it as much as I do.
Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): No
Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts): Yes. Tmod and Trusted
How did you find us?: Server browser?
Did you fill out the required scenario questions for the rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread): YES
[Image: FZxEbKr.gif]
Saylor has no flaws +1
Saylor has no flaws +1 but in a different shade of green
[Image: TWQlDjL.png] 
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish

[Image: t2X0SiD.png]
-courtesy of milk(2)
Saylor is an amazing tmod so far and the most active one, 1+ make this man a mod already

thanks for giving me the odst skin :)
[Image: 800px-BLU_Products_Logo.jpg]
When it comes to playing ttt this dude has the weirdest playstyle I have ever seen

When it comes to staffing ttt he knows the rules and does a good job at it and help creates an overall positive experience for others and I have no doubt would be a good mod +1
[Image: 46713d688f8087b1f2d3b92a79d7afea.png]

Future owner  :D
[Image: D6E0C93A-D285-4C99-B7AB-C616869240B2.jpg...2d0fbf6a9&][Image: 86DBE62D-5EE5-47F0-9E4C-DE5FA0541D5B.jpg...d2ef8e0e3&]
Ex- TTT Mod
Dong's Favorite Tmod
Has kept up great staff work the whole way +1
[Image: frieren-fall-winter.jpeg]
I dont see any glaring issues and think saylor would handle mod just fine +1
We're just a giant ass
Cheeks are made of children
Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
This application is def worthy of Mod! I am looking forward to seeing you in the color green <3! +1
[Image: baby-yoda-star-wars.gif]
(03-30-2024, 07:32 AM)bunniey Wrote: Saylor has no flaws +1 but in a different shade of green
i disagree. 


that being said, +1, good luck saylor
[Image: Pwm9lAm.jpeg]
I can't take an L, they just don't exist.
queue more yeat

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