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Going for green (Ryan's App)
Ingame Name: RyanHighman

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:98415725
Discord Tag: ryanhighman

Time Played: 411 hours

When First Joined: Since the dawn of time (December)

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): When I can. Available most times. Actual playtime varies day to day

Rank Desired: Mod

Current Rank: Tmod

What can you do to help the community: I feel like I am a good neutral voice to most conflicts and can be trusted to handle difficult situations in server. Because of this I'd also like to think that I am equipped to deescalate tense and volatile situations. One of the other things that I stress while staffing is helping newer players understand our ruleset, and would like to continue doing this and stressing it to newer staff. Every server has a unique set of rules and it is important to be patient and explain these differences while still being sure to enforce them. The role of mod would help me be quicker at dealing with warn thresholds, alt bans, being a better support for fresh/new staff, as well as being able to support the community in general. The real reason I want mod is to ban Brahma (for those of you in dark mode, damn you this message is supposed to be hidden)

Why you want to help the community: I enjoy this place and would like to protect it. I figure Ill help while I'm here.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): Bab karma banned me once

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts)Tmod Trusted

How did you find us?: God whispered into my ear

Did you fill out the required scenario questions for rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread): Yes

Other: I do realise there may be some concern with my 3 day resignation a bit ago, which is why I decided to wait until after the 3 month mark of my original tmod acceptance to apply.
+1. I think the resignation/re-apply was understandable given the circumstances and I think reliability would not be a concern. As someone with admin experience who has staffed here with clear familiarity of the rules I think the server side moderation is of zero concern in terms of your ability to handle that. For me, where you have really shined is your input and handling of conflict. Neutrality is one thing, but your ability to communicate in a way that finds common ground upon things that seem diametrically opposed on the surface has probably been instrumental in straight up saving this community (along with several Randposts, shoutout). Having you as a mod I think will help further improve relations and prevent things from reaching flashpoints as well. On top of that, you also take initiative to communicate and talk with people about things which this community has historically lacked in many cases.
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mod is green not gold -1!!!!

(06-06-2024, 12:35 AM)PandaInPants Wrote: mod is green not gold -1!!!!
Spread Kindness, Not Hate.
(06-06-2024, 12:15 PM)RyanHighman Wrote:
(06-06-2024, 12:35 AM)PandaInPants Wrote: mod is green not gold -1!!!!

Is this what they call "pandering"?
Hello Mr.Highman I'm glad to see you apply for the rank of Moderator.

I'd like to comment a bit on it.

When you first joined the server, I thought you would just apply because you were used to being staff and not because you actually wanted to help out. Well, I'm glad to admit that I was wrong. Ever since you started playing on the server as a regular player and donor, you've tried to help in any way or form. You'd ping staff for cheaters or rule breakers and provide them with evidence; if there wasn't any staff, you'd gag or mute people who would slur and try to help new players by explaining the rules and giving them useful information on how to play the game and binds that they might need or use. This is when you were just a player or donor.

Shortly after you posted your trusted app, I decided to do so as well. After we both got accepted, I got the pleasure to interact and acquaint myself with you. Back then, you helped me a lot with handling RDM reports and different situations where I was unsure what to do and how to go about staffing. You've basically taught me how to work entirely.

Then, when you applied and got accepted as Tmod, you handled most situations really well. You always kept your cool and stayed neutral, no matter what. Your approach to every person was amazing. You'd always go out of your way to explain why x, y, or z were good or bad. If anyone had a question, you'd try to help them as best as possible. You're probably one of the few staff members who reaches out and explains any questions without stonewalling or ignoring the other person as a whole. I'd like to comment on the short-lived resignation. I still think you shouldn't have resigned in the first place, but I understand how taxing and mentally draining it was for every party in the drama. After you resigned, you still didn't stop helping and being a positive influence in the community, which speaks volumes about your dedication to making the server a better and safer place for every new and old member.

I hope that with the bump in rank, you'll continue to be an awesome staff member, continue to help the community with your amazing insight on different topics and situations, and also continue to train newer staff on how to properly represent Dinkleberg's TTT staff team. You have a solid +1 from me!

Now that that is out of the way, I'd like to say something as your friend:

You're one of the few people I can say I'm friends with in the community, and I'm happy I got to meet you and play with you. I hope you continue to be such an amazing and awesome person. (If you ban me, I'm taking back every kind word and posting a ban request thread.)
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Carson sweats too much.

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Bro you’re gonna make me cry
Spread Kindness, Not Hate.
In my short time here you've shown yourself to be calmed, rational, prudent, and (most importantly) reasonable in relation to the context of each situation dealt with which I could only say for a few of the staff here. (I'll add, this isn't a slght to any of the other staff as each I've observed have strengths to compliment any weaknesses they might have, subjectively of course.)
I love Ryan +1
This isn’t shitpost 
I am  speaking my mind
+1 I would make a long heartfelt post but I don't think you need it and you aren't worth the effort otherwise. (good staff, play server, good times, good attitude, good).
It is not okay to literally tell people their opinions are wrong because they disagree.

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