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no u
followed by a dessert of cock
i shovel spaghetti into my gaping asshole
I shovel spaghetti into my mouth instead of eating properly
Well, there's only one person that can implement it.
I think that would be great, but replacing the jet pack will take longer than the new M9K weapons took, which still officially aren't in.
It most likely doesn't require the removal of either. Like quiche said, we're probably using a wrongly coded Jump Pack.
Fixing it: good. However, I'm against it if it requires the removal of the grappling hook or the Jump Pack.
Yes, all I wanted to do was to extend what staff deemed grappling hook exploiting to include the other exploit that no one seemed to care about.
So, you're telling me that you only asking whether an exploit should be allowed is more useful than actually fixing it? (which, by the way, doesn't have to include removing the jump pack)
That's why I was, you know, trying to steer the conversation away from the Jump Pack and to get any admin to actually respond to the question of whether we should allow or disallow all forms of the exploit, which 4 pages later, that still hasn't happened.
No, not if you don't want the Jump Pack removed; I would wager that the majority of people that actually play on the server don't want it removed. Even if you guys vote for it to be removed, it's not going to be. I really doubt Dinkleberg would do that considering its popularity.
I think it would be more useful to suggest a fix than just acknowledge that it exists, don't you?
Yes, but I wasn't suggesting a fix to the goddamn exploit. I was just saying that we should acknowledge this other form of the same exploit.
tbh it is a cause of said hypocrisy
When you make a post about pointing out hypocrisy and people ignore it and suggest that the Jump Pack should be removed.
Why thank you ^~^
No, you are big, like a pig, oink oink

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