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New Year, New Staff?
EDIT: decided to put the regular format here for some easier access, but i do recommend you click on this first link and then click the slideshow button toward the top right and actually play the slideshow for maximum effect (pls i put more effort into it than i usually do :( )

the rest of the links at the bottom are explanations to various parts, all my staff apps, unbans, and some drama posts, dinklehistory for ya

Ingame Name: new year, new cum currently

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:40546659

Discord Tag: bunniey

Time Played: It’s impossible to sum up my time played but it’s a lot

When First Joined: January of 2019

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): Availability is pretty inconsistent but most commonly going to be night time EST like everyone else

Rank Desired: Trusted

Current Rank: Donor

What can you do to help the community: I have prior experience in staffing, as well as pretty consistent experience in dealing with finding alts and hackers over the years. I know the rules pretty well, though admittedly haven’t read up on the point system that was implemented after my departure. Otherwise, mostly just good vibes, I was always good at being the staff member that was fun but took it seriously at the same time. I’m on pretty good terms at this point with most of the active community, so that’s nice too.

Why you want to help the community: I mean, it’s been said by me so much now, I really do just care. Community has always been a nice lil place for me and I like to try to preserve it. But the biggest part is actually that I just love doing reports while I play, and always have. At one point I asked Bryan if he could just let me have a role where the only thing I can do is do reports and get no access to the staff discord just for that, it’s a nice little minigame while I play.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): In terms of TTT bans, only one for a purposeful mass the day I resigned, it was more of a symbolic ban, I killed Jack and Laced (and one actual rando that was actual RDM) and made them all report so Jack would ban me for mass. I don’t consider it a ban, but it’s worth mentioning.

For other bans, there’s a long list of bans from the discord and the forums, all are 1-2 years old and deal with issues that are mostly entirely rectified at this point, it’s over a lot of threads but basically it had to do with inciting drama and making some shitty jokes. If anyone wants more information, just let me know, it’s just a looooooooot.

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts): I have been staff before on Discord and TTT, and have had multiple attempts at getting staff after the fact. The last slide will detail why they didn’t go well, aside from the slide on bans.

How did you find us?: Just perusing Gmod

Did you fill out the required scenario questions for rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread): I did fill out the requirements years ago, if anyone wants me to refill them out again let me know


Why you should -1: 
I leaked staff chat. Then I did something that at the time some considered a raid on the discord. (It’s not considered a raid anymore dw). Then I did some drama threads. Then I made a meme of a member of the community that included their face next to someone reprehensible. Then I made more drama threads.

Most of these have justifications, but those don’t really matter and just sound like excuses when I bring them up, so that’s them at face value. It is all over a year old, some of it is almost two years old now.

Why you should +1:
I’ve spent a good bit working on stuff. I’m still pretty outspoken about behavior I find negative, but I do like to do things in a way that more people would agree with now. I’ve truly been trying to be seen in a positive light by the community, not even originally to get staff or anything, this is just because a lot of people are applying right now so I decided to on a pretty big whim. I care a lot, and am getting better every day now, I feel like. I bring experience and a different perspective than many and think that tends to be healthy as well.

The conclusion that only really works in the powerpoint:
I was going to use this to kinda credit a few people that have helped me along the way  buuuuuuut it looked like I was trying to suck off the staff team so I decided against it, but I do want to just say I can thank a lot of my attempts at doing better to Reina, she’s honestly just made the entire dinklecrew joker group act better in a lot of ways imo
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-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
pls play the powerpoint dont just read it ty its important
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-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
+1 because vegeta is the coolest dragon ball character
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find out more at
Garry's Mod Performance Tuning Guide
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2x TTT Admin
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers
The transitions were amazing on the presentation.

I'll give you a +1. When you're not trolling, you have some of the best takes on situations I have seen; your ability to analyze a situation and break it down is second to none, and you're great at trying not to show bias too.
I hope you're having a good day Biggrin
I'll +1 I think Rand has served his time for his controversies over the years and have been relatively clean in recent ones. He is a consistent player and community member and i believe he truly does care about this community and wishes to help where he can.

Plus he kinda cute
[Image: giphy.gif]
This is a surprising amount of effort. I'd say +1 because he is active and seems to have not only a genuine desire to help the community, but also make up for the past.
Bump to inform that I edited for ease of access (albeit begrudgingly)
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-courtesy of a sarcastic fish
+1 give him a chance he's come such a long way (not really, he was always pretty good!)
We're just a giant ass
Cheeks are made of children
Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
+1 i used to think he hated me because he was very hot headed but he's not as hot headed anymore since he got his daughter cat and he's actually pretty cool and epic and actually does care about the community, definitely moreso than when he was a hot headed angry little man a few years ago, but we all grow up and change right :) i think he would make fine staff
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